The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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thank you for visiting my school. i really did enjoy your performance. i think what you are doing is very unique and interesting.

Hudson Nickerson
i saw your presentation today, i liked how you like made things appear on something, you could'nt see without a certain light. I like the magetic field song, and how you made the eye that you hung off the Bridge, thanks for the great show, something i haven't seen in a while.

nicole macinnis
this project is so cool it amased me when i saw it in school. it was amasing to see how you were converting a painting to a colage of signatures from people from all over!!!

Diana Habjan
Hi Patrick,I just saw your show today and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I think the Signature Project is a really cool idea and all the other things you showed my school. It was so awsome how you mixed art, music, and tecnology together and made all those wonderful masterpieces. Though I really wanted to sign the picture and so did my friends, but it was wonderful just to be able to see it anyway. Best of luck on the project and I definately plan on going to see it when it's done. :) 10-09-07

Patrick, I saw your assembly at school and I thought that it was insane that you put all of that time and effort into that painting. ROCK ON!!!!

meredith iervoline
i loved ur show im from JJ catena this is the coolest thing i ever saw i hope i get to see the whole thingwhen it is done bibi!!=]

Sarah G. From Asher Holmes Elementry School Ms.Coleman 5th grade
Hi, I'm Sarah. I'd just like to say that your esembly was the BEST esembly ever. It was very inspiring, my friends & I voted it the most AMAZING.Please write back. I'd like to tell you more things I liked.

Liliana Sue
I saw your show today at asher holmes. It took my socks off. It was interesting how you use signatures instead of just painting it yourself. I like how you have hidden pictures inside. Usually when I think of assemblies I think that it's probably one I saw last year. The assembly that you created has inspired me to not judge a book by it's cover. Partrick, you have a wonderful idea for this project. I hope you will succesfully finish it and not have bailey ruin your whole masterpiecs at the last second. Great job!

Madison Hogan
You came to Asher Holmes on Oct. 4. You are a great and talented artist.

Chloe Chang
Hi, I really enjoyed the show you performed today!You came to my school Asher Holmes and I'm not he first graders!!Im a fifth grader.My grandfather is irish and he loves beer.ha ha.My grandfathers younger brother is also named Brian!Wow,Brian must be a popluar irish name.But I can't wait until the project is done!!

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