The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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daniel rusinko
That is pretty cool how you made those pictures

You inspired me greatly when you came to my school. It was a phenomenal presentation you put on for us, and I'll never forget it. It uplifted my spirit to see what a creative, massive, yet peaceful project one man could do just my making people sign their name. You inspired me to follow my dreams, and achieve my goals no matter how hard it can be. It must be a very exciting journey to meet new people, learn different cultures, and make people smile and be happy, because you did that to me. Unfortunatley I never got to sign my name, only the teachers did. I hope someday I can meet you. It would be an honor if I got to sign my name on the worlds amazing project, because then I know I've helped.It would be an honor if I got to sign my name on the worlds amazing project, because then I know I've helped That would be the best gift, aside from the Signature Project poster, I'm asking for Christmas. You should be very proud of yourself, becasue you opened the doors to an unknown worl

Andrew Vale
the signature porjectis the best picture ever

Dai Le
You are the best artist I've ever seen!Your signature project is so amazing.thanks for vitsiting Groves Gator.

Geishka B
Ilove your you know i'm at Groves Elementry shcool i relly want to meet you in life but i have a qusten what is your phone nunber?plz tell me bye Patrick!

emily estala
hello my name is emily estala. I was wondering if you might be able to come to Iowa and tell them all about your project. I have all ready been able to hear and see this awesome project but everyone here hasnt also they would probably enjoy it. I know that if i didnt know about this and all of a sudden someone told me then i know i would want to soo this. so please come!!!!! - emily estala

Natalie Pete
Hello! Today, 11/16/07, Patrick Dunning came to my school, R.V. Groves Elem. and showed us all types of cool stuff with ultraviolet light and x- rays! All thanks to one of our PTA members. I thought about looking him up and then I found this cool website. I could show my mom everything Patrick showed us!!!!!!

Sabeeh khan
ssup Mr. dunning, I was in ur first show at RennerMS. ur talents are amazing!!! how do u even learn all of this stuff? I want to do something like tht at home. is it possible? nd 1 more thing, my friend wrote down bryan's number nd goin to test it if it is real. try to mail THX!! p.s. U ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!! !

Thomas Spottiswood
I wish I got to sign the project!!!!!!!!!!!! -Thomas Spottiswood

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