The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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where can you find your signature?

denise qualey
where can I purchase the signiture poster? can I but it on line?

i would love to sign the signature project

Samantha Bushman
OMG that project tht u are doing is soooo awsome!!!!!!! I Am Samantha B. of Peachland Elementry... I went up to you and i had the red hair and green may not remember....Email me cuz i want to know more about what you are doing!!!!! Thx!!!!!

Julie Ashford
Hello, I'm Julie. I am one of the students that saw you in Coolidge, Arizona on Nov. 28, 2007. You were awesome! Seeing everything you made delighted me. I was very interested in your work. Listening to that music was very relaxing and calm. Also seeing that you have traveled around the world just to get signatures. Hearing stories, looking at your art. Everything that you had told us was amazing! What i saw ,and heard that day i will never forget! Y ou really opened a different world for me. Sitting in front row of your show seeing things i have not seen. I would like to tell you, THANK YOU. I hope that your "Signature Project" will be a great thing to see. And once i see it all finished i will say to myself "wow, he finished it. i remember seeing him." Wish You the best - Julie Coolidge,AZ P.S. I loved the music

leslie anna gonzales
dear Patrick Dunning, I have been inspird on your work I was one of the students at HoHokam than attended you assambly(sorry for my spelling I am not a good speller.)so as I was saying ,my name is Leslie Gonzales and I am 14years old. On Wednesday of the 28 of november I went to you little show In tell thing and to be honest I was inprest of what I saw I just wan to say that I want to thank you for you work that you have showed our school I like it very much so again thanks and good bye...

Davina Bolinsky
You came to our school on 11-28 in Coolidge,AZ And I think its really greatthat you think of others like your dad your brother your mom and the people from 9-11 And Thank You for a great performance. *~DB~*

Miranda siebert
Hello its me again I am trying to get my dad out the door or on the internet to bye your brothers CD but he wont budge. I hope you are sucsessful

hi patrick i really loved your show/visit


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