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Isabelle schwenk
Hello on your web site i would love you to put more music because i love yours so much!!!!

Dear Patrick thank you so much for coming to Cook Hill Elemantry. It was very exciting. Me and my friends said that it was the best assembly that we ever saw. It is almost our last year there and we really liked it. So thank you so much for coming.

I got to see your show at my school. It was Cook Hill wallingford CT. I loved the show including all the music and sound. Thanks so much for coming.

Dear patick, I am a student at Knapp and I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing person.

Bria Miles
great wedsite

Julianne Wylie
What an amazing assembly that just came to our school. I only wished the kids were able to sign his project-I wonder if there is anyway for a parent to bring the child to Patrick so they can sign it. I got to sign it though, as I was one of the adults that attended the assembly so the teachers and parents who were there signed it in honor of the kids. Patrick is a very multi-talented artist

Patrick- You came to Thompson Brook School in Connecticut. I am one of the Students there and my friends and I agree that your performance was the best one we have ever seen. In fact, we wanted to make our own signature picture for our school. We already have one that has all different pictures in it and stuff so thats cool, but we still want one like yours. Well, thats all and I just wanted for you to know that you inspired us and also had a great show. Caroline

i loved your school show all the effects were so cool. it was also cool how you told a story about yourself and how your life was and i was woundering will you go to connecticut so we can sign it or have you gone to connecticut to sign it alredy? well thanks for everything it was REALLY COOL!!!!!!

Matthew s
You were awseome at thompson brook! It was better than being at the movies. Your also play really good guitar!!!!1

Hey Mr. Dunning my name is Jay and you came to my school today.(thompson brook school)You provided us a great presantation today. Me and a few friends were talking and we were saying that you did the best show we have ever had in our school. We are in 6th grade and we thought that it was the best we saw last year.I think that you set off the 5th graders. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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