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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hello. I need some help

jane grassi
My son was at East Ridge Middle School for your presentation. He is a seventh grader and was very excited about the assembly and the signature project. It is refreshing that he is so interested in something that isn't a video game! Sincerely, Jane M. Grassi

Dear Patrick I really enjoyed your performance at Freedom Middle School. I thought it was awesome. You inspired people to do what they dream to do ,and to don't give up on what you want to do in your life. I just wanted to take a little of time to thank you for what you did. I might need to use that recipe some day. :) Have a nice day, Ashley

i loved your asmbley it was so cool i hope it get to see it when your done. Have a Good day from the freedom middle schoolers

OMG!!! PATRICK, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!!! I saw your presentation a couple of days ago, and it was... I can't put it in words... Fantastic? Mesmerizing? I was completely blown away? It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! YOU RULE THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!

I had a lot of fun when you were at Cook Hill School. and when you played the blue's.

Michael Fischler Roaring Brook School
I'm in 4th grade. Your show was incredible! I never saw such interesting technology. Your effects were super. Thanks for the show.

Sofia and Stella
Dear Patrick, Thank you for coming to our school today (Roaring Brook in Avon, CT). We enjoyed the show so much and we love your website! We can't wait until The Signature Project is done. From Sofia and Stella

Cambrya McGrattan
Today is October 17,2007 and I just saw the show today at my schoool (Roaring Brook Elementry School). I am a fourth grader. I loved the show! Especially when Patrick played all the songs and showed the picture of his dad! It was so cool how all of the things worked!

Holly Rzonca
I had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Dunning's performance at Roaring Brook School in Avon, Ct on 10/17/07. I have been a teacher for 19 years and have never seen a better show. The experience is one that I will never forget. The children will not forget either. I also thank Mr. Dunning for allowing me to sign this unique piece of art. The world needs more of Patrick Dunning and his majesty. Peace and Grins, Holly Rzonca

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