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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Trudy Gardner
What a wonderful presentation. My students enjoyed it and it brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work and come back to Miami, OK again, we loved it!!

Jack Farrell
I sat for an hour while an entire elementary school student body sat on the gym floor, riveted to Patrick Dunning's presentation. The scope of this project is magnificent, both in concept and in execution. My class elected two of their number to sign the work, representative of the class and of Quil Ceda Elementary, an honor I secretly wanted to share. When all of those who signed have passed, this magnificent work will remain as a testiment to them and of our time.

Jacqueline Steven-Russell
Was in the audience at the SHRM meeting at the Sheraton Hotel today. AWESOME presentation. It was also a "kick" for me to know that my husband and I "signed" about six years ago. Next time you present to a group like ours, you might want to ask if anyone has signed? Really enjoyed. Good luck with your special gift to the world. Cheers! Jacqueline

neil nimkar
Mr. PAtrick Dunning i just loved your show that you did on 10/29/04 at Union county vocational technical high-school, the setup, the pictures, the way you integrated each picture in a picture and the way each picture told a story and the was each piece of music went so beautifully with the pictures it just made me as a student stand mottionless, it was a great piece, i just loved your brother's pieces of music, it is GREAT!!! Especially i love the kid in the cot and the heartbeat reel-- they made me cry, ---thankyou very much for coming.

Loretta Traulsen
I saw your presentation at Sunnycrest Elementary today and was totally impressed. What I wanted to let you know was that I've watched kids in many different "assemblies"and have never seen them get as involved and mezmerized like I did today. You did a wonderful job and I feel very lucky to have been able to experience it. Thank you!

Anna Rodriguez
I saw your show today at my school. I thought it was great! It has really opened up my eyes to what I could do with my life and I have come to really appreciate life itself.

Ellen McNeely
We loved the presentation! What a wonderful project and an out-of-the-ordinary event to attend. Thank you for coming to Couer d'Alene!

Suzanne Roy and Lakeside sixth grade art class
We loved your performance! It was superb! The students thought it was the greatest assembly ever! Please come see us again soon.

nick schubert
Dued the progeram was cool. The picture was cool. Keep up the good work E-mail me back at

Deirdre Kenny
Patrick, I am a teacher at Greenfield Middle School and I just saw your presentation yesterday. I am still amazed by everything you do and can't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. Thank you for coming and thank you for creating such an incredible piece of art!! Sincerely, Deirdre Kenny...signature on tile 134 :)

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