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thanks for coming to my school,Adolph Link,in Elk Grove was the coolest thing i have ever seen and a great thing to see during my last year at that school.

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Mike Leipert
Patrick, I saw, rather experienced your show at Link ASchool yesterday--it was fantastic! Do you have any limited prints with signature of your work for sale? Thanks, Mike

sandra gerhardt
you came to our school the other day and I just wanted to say I loved your hole big scit it was awsome. the one part i liked the most was how you painted in morse code for your dad, and another thing I liked was the signatures was just brilliant . I really wish that I could of signed it because I want to just like you. A brilliant and intelegent person that is an artist. an artist is the most biggest on the for my job when I get older. can you sign my name on The signature project please. thanks for the scool accembly. sandra gerhardt

Sarah Gregory
when you came to link school in elk grove everyone in my class said this guy is very talented and this was the best assembaly they ever went to. you inspired me to be whatever you want to be. good luck on finishing you project.

he is so cool. i am 9 he came to my school i loved him.

he is so cool. i am 9 he came to my school i loved him.

i was at link this is so cool i wish i could sigh it!

Wezi Hennes
Patrick, " INCREDIBLE ! " You made my spirit soar. My students are still talking about your endeavor and speculating what it must be like traveling thru-out the world. Do you get time to stop and smell the roses? I personally was touched by the sentiment wrapped into this,.... Wow. I feel close to God when I'm out inthe woods, out on the water in my pontoon boat, and when near the mountains. You performance/ presentation made me feel that same closeness. Would love to hear more about your travels Patrick. Your fellow Irish woman... Wezi

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