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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Casey Paschall
Dear Patrick, I really enjoyed your show! the part that I liked the most was when you made the picture of your dad and put it in his favorite color and in the speical code! I hope you come back to Summit Elemetary! have a great day!,bye! From, Casey Paschall P.S please try to write me back on my email adress down below my name! thanks,have a nice day bye!

Jared MacDonald
i really liked your presentaion at Summet my favorite part was when you puled the red heart out from the screen and threw it onto the picture of your dad.please right back!!!!!!!!!!

Hi!!! Your presentation was the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!

Your show was the best show I have seen. Sorry I forget my e-mail

Kelcie Hahn
I absolutely loved the assembly that you gave at Park Place Middle school in Monroe, Wa last year. I am now a 9th grader at Monroe High school and I was just wondering if you were going to be doing some other public appearances near Monroe, so as I could come and watch you once again. A reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. You have changed my life forever!!!!! Sincerely, Kelcie Hahn

Get up ya bollix!

Today I was cleaning my room and found a card that I had recived at an assembly in 6th grade, and it was the card for the signature project. As soon as I found it, i ran to the computer. I remember that being the best assembly of the year. This project is amazing and inspiring to so many people. The work that you have done here is never forgetable and i will allways remember. =]

tammy Howard
our family have placed our signatures on this piece of artwork - is there someway to locate our names and see them?

Mr. Smith
Yeah, Pretty Cool! I Like, A lot! Wow! Wee!Wee!Wa!Wee!

Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

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