The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Marilyn Firman
I am a school counselor at Terrace Heights Elementary where you performed on Tuesday. How Wonderful!! The children are talking and talking about it. It is so inspiring to them. I know you were concerned about the Kindergarten through Third grade age range understanding all you present. Of course they don't but what they do excites and inspires them. I know you are impacted and changed lives for the better at Terrace Heights. Marilyn Firman

Ben Hauber
i am rarely interested in art, however what you showed me today in your pesentation has inspired me to look more into certain types of art, thank you for oppening a new window for me Ben Hauber

Linda Oakley
I saw your wonderful show at Miami, Ok. I was in awe of your talent. I was explaining your show to my daughters ages 10 and 18. My 10 year old was so excited while I tried to explain it all to her. She said she couldn't wait until you were finished and she could tell everyone that her Mom was able to sign the picture. May God keep blessing you. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Sumona Gomes
Patrick, I was lucky to be present at Illahee Elementary School yesterday to see your work. What a wonderful way to celebrate the many cultures of our World...and Life! Thank you, Sumona

Betsy Sawyers
I saw your show at the NHRMA conference today. It was awesome. It embraces what we should all be about--LIFE. When I told my husband about it, his first reaction was wondering if he was a distant relative. He is a Sawyers and I guess related to Dunnings. I wish you the best on your project and looking forward to its completion. I regretted not being one of the 20 who got to sign. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Betsy Sawyers

Lily Martin-Chamberlain
Hi Patrick, I loved your performance. I saw it in Portland, Oregon at Laurelhurst School on September 17 (Today.) I am a fifth grader there. You are a great artist, and your brother Composes beautiful music. I hope to buy your D.V.D. My mom is one of the teachers that signed your artwork. You have an amazing talent, and great ideas. Keep building the artwork. I can't wait to see it when it is done. It will be astounding!!! Lily Martin-Chamberlain

Kathy Devlin
Greetings - I've just attended the 2003 Enviornmental Conference in Seattle (June 11th and 12th) where your presentation graced our luncheon. It was a wonderful experience as is your work. Very beautful, detailed and makes us think about much more than our day to day lives. I look forward to the music being available soon. Thank-You so much for sharing this with all of us in this way. :-)

Cami Cole
I saw the show today at Sunnycrest and I am truly moved and was blessed at the gift God has given you to create so completely a work, that touches every aspect of the human experience. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I am only sorry that my husband missed this incredible spectable. I am humbled at your talent.

Tracey Feight
The Signature Project is a breathtaking interpretation of Patrick Dunning's appreaciation for life and all the wonderful things it can offer. The students in the Bonner County school district appreciate your artistic expression and creative presentation style. I am sure we will all be eagerly awaiting the year 2012 when the project is finished. Thaks again for bringing this beam of life to our community.

charlene sarmiento
You are an amazing artist I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the assembly thanks for everything. PLEASE COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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