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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Katie Fournier
Katie Fournier You know ever since you came to my school Hallinan Elementery not too long ago i'm constantly thinking about all you told us and you really enspired me. I visit this website every day now and i'm going to get your poster and cd now because I love it so much. And you want to know something? Ever since you did your presentation at our school everyone has been talking about it. And you're right your project really is about life. Anyway the real reason i'm sending this is to say thank you for coming to my school. 02-1-2007

Hi,Patrick! Thanks for comeing to Hallinan

Desi Grieve
Hey Patrick, I am from ilwaco middle school and loved you presentation alot and wish i could have signed it but unfortunatly you didnt pick me!It's ok thought. I will never forget that! Sincerly, Desi Age-14

Madeline Deysine
I sent you a letter in 2004 after you came to my school, St. Joseph School in Seattle, WA. I thank you again for coming to my school so long ago. I am sending this to check up on how your project is progressing. I hope it's doing well!

Amanda Johnson
hey this is awesome, where did u get the idea and inspiration? this is really beautiful art work, i hope to create something astonishing like this someday to

jodi l smith
Patrick, Thank you for sharing today with us at Blaine middle School. I am an educational assistant that works with kids with Asperger's, autism ,Down's Syndrome and etc. I love what you are doing and the gift you are sharing to enlighten the world in so many ways! Thank you, Jodi

Marcella Morris
I got the pleasure of seeing your mural at Ilwaco High school. I was amazed by your imaginations and dedication to this beautiful picture. You have inspired and taught me many things by showing us this presentation. I loved how you used other peoples signature in your mural, because it's not a painting just about you. It's a painting about others and making everyone apart of your artwork. congratulations on your painting.

A student from Anthony Wayne Middle School
Thank you for coming to our school, Anthony Wayne. It was a wonderful assembly and it was really interesting about how signatures can make such a wonderful peace of artwork, music, and your grandmothers recipes from Ireland. All my friends here at Anthony Wayne have said that it was the best assembly yet! I'm sure that your signature project will be completed someday and will be absolutely wonderful.

tessa holland
hey! you came to my school a few days ago. it was so amazing to see all the different pictures you put in your project. its the most beautiful thing ive eva seen!! my art teacher says it is the best thing shes seen in a long long time.

You came to my school and showed us your project, well, parts of it atleast. I was amazed by it, and I just want to say thank you, for making this. You will make history.

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