The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Tiffany Johnston- Friess
Thank you for coming to Whatcom Middle School! I loved the sound effects. how did you do the heart effect? What is your cat's name? Thank you for letting me sign that signature project.I loved the art work do did and I hope u will come back to Whatcom Middle School soon! 3-15-07

Tyler Lovell
I thought you were amazing I liked how you used morse code and different styles of art in the painting. Thank you for coming to Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham, WA USA. I can't wait to see the finished product and God bless! 3/15/07

Aaron Carchoa
I know, i thought he should have let everyone sign it to but, hes done way mroe in his life to get the point across to people that we are lucky enough to have life, if your to dumb to understand that then thats sad, Michael Domstead

i'm so proud i have my signature at your art project..! I will not forgot the moment when i was sign your's really amazing!

David Dovgopolyy
your project made me think about doing something like your doing, it seems meaningfull. I'm glad you showed me the presentation.

Maywood Hills school newspaper staff
Dear Mr.Dunning, May the Paw Print (the school newspaper) staff have permisson to use your picture and a photograph of you in one of our articles about The Signature Project? Evrebody thinks you were outstanding. Thank you very much for coming.

Shazia Richardoson
i really like how u did yo thang up on stange i just have a ouestion how did u do that dubble layer thing and can u ever by those things sum were at sum stores

sean scheffler
that pic is so kool k i have a copy

sean bellah
u r gay u ass hole

great job

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