The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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So today, you came to my school (Richland Highschool in washington) And usually when I see essemballys i get bored. But honestly this was the first time I was drawn in. For one art is a passion of mine too. And you put on by far the best show ever. I hope to keep in touch with you. Because I want to see more of what you have planed. You are an amazing artist. And a really smart guy Keep up the good work. xo Catherine

hey thanks so much for coming to richland i really enjoyed your talk caleb

you came to Richland High today. what you did was amazing. it was very intresting. i loved how you came up with the idea of the signature project. i really wish i could have signed it. i hope to see you again at any other school

Kyle Jennings
Today you came and visited my school, Richland High, and i walked away from the presentation with a different sense of where i belonged in the world. first and foremost i belive i owe you thanks for helping me to see the bigger picture. i am not the only one who belives in what you are doing but i feel that you deserve to know that you changed someone today. again thank-you.

matthew alexander
you came to my school today and the presentation was great.

Michelle Katherine
Let me first introduce myself, I am currently a student a Richland High School, In Richland WA. You show cased your amazing work of art to me and my fellow students this morning. I spoke with you earlier telling you how amazing I beleive this project is. I've had simple ideas of gathering people's indivdual mark and compling them togather to make something beautiful but I never thouhgt of something to the extent to your amazing project. I can not even put into words how set back I am by this idea. I love everything about it. I mostly love how you took the art beyond the visual. I believe that as more and more people become aware and know about what your doing that they will be instilled with hope of the world really being united as one. ThankYou again. MichelleKatherine

hi patrick. you came to richland high school today and talked about your project. i think your project is awesome and spectacular! i wish i could've signed it. keep up the good work!

Micaela Swentik
My little sister saw you today at school and came home absolutly excited about the presentation that you did. She was saddend to hear that people were able to sign it but she was not around for that, I was wondering how someone could see it and possibly sign it. It looks awsome and I am very iterested. Thanks!

Jase Ward
Today you came into my school at Richland High, and gave your speech to us. Wow it was very interesting, it was awsome! I really emjoyed it ! Well good luck on your Signature Project! Come back next year! Jase Ward

Jessica Torie
Where do i begin. Today (03-07-2007) You visited Richland High School in Richland, Washington. My intentions were that every assembly was really boring. But believe me when i say this. YOUR ASSEMBLY WAS AWESOME! I can't believe you actually visited our school. I would give anything to watch it again. The music, the art, and just everything was so perfect. And plus you made the audience laugh. That's good. I thank you so much for coming into RHS today and giving us your presetation. I hope you achieve your whole goal. Good Luck and God Bless. *jess* And if you would tell your brother that his music is awesome. Oh and pet your cat for me.

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