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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Erika Ball
WOW!!! that was so amazing. how did you ever come up with all of that stuff?! that was sooooo cool i want to see it over again. most of all i wnat to see it when it is finished! thanks so much!

Jenny Rodriquez
I just wanted to say thank you for including me in your vision. You visited our high school today and allowed the teachers and several students to sign square 118. I'm the redhead, and although I might look like I stepped off the Irish moors, my family originally came to the United States from Scotland. :) I appreciated your use of technology and a multi-layered approach to art and life. I hope the students will take your vision and put their own lives into perspective and take the opportunity to go after their dreams. Your dream is beautiful! Much success and happiness, Jenny Rodriquez

Kassi Rodriguez
Everything in your presentation of your art was so touching to everyone watching. Like the painting of your father that linked to your nephew. That made so many stundents here at Wa-Hi feel so touched. And the names of the people who died on the 911 attacks are a part of your painting. Just WOW!!!! Good luck to finish your project! It will be amazing!

Jack Baker
I think your project is cool and great, but why do only "special students" get to sign the project. I sat through your entire presentation at my high school thinking "Oh wow, I get to sign it!" and then you told me how only students with a "piece of paper" get to sign it. Well I think that's not cool and so now my feeling for the signature project has gone from "Wow, I'm inspired, that's cool", to "I hope the signature project fails because you won't include everyone." If you're celebrating life, then include EVERYONE not just certain people. It was almost as if you wasted my time. In other words... I hope the signature project fails!

Thank you Patrick Dunning for coming to out school today. Your presintation was a huge inspiration, eye opening, interesting, and very amusing. This was honestly the BEST asembly I have ever went to. Today when i signed one of the billions of tiny squares i was shaking...wierd i know, maybe it was because you dint actually pick me and i wasnt sapose to be there:D but i did feel like i was now part of something HUGE, this is the most unique art work and i am honered to have my name in just one of thoes billions of spots. What you are doing is amazing, you are amazing! It's people like you who make a difference. I can't wait to see the final piece! Thanx again

Betty Cones
What a fantastic show! Patrick was wonderful. Many of the students wrote about this event in their daily journals. We would love to have Patrick back again next year to see the progress. Please, for yourselves and the kids - book him! This is an unforgetful experience that I want to share with everyone. Thank you Patrick.

Morgan Royse
Hi Patrick Dunning! I love your project and think its the most beautiful sight you could ever see. I like how you put so many years into this because it sure is worht it to the eye! Your Presentationt to Walla Walla WA Highschool was very exciting. I hope you get to finish everything in your artwork piece because I would love to see it in the museum (OMSI).. ~~Morgan Royse~~

I just wanted to thanks for coming to Wa-Hi today! Your project is a great inspiration for people my age. I think what you're doing is terrific!

Serena Goins
All I have to say is WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing your presentation was today. That by far was the most entertaining assembly I have ever been to. Good luck with finnishing your project. You are so amazing.

Jessika Beeman
Oh my gosh this project is amazing!!! how did you ever think of such a beautiful thing like the signature project. Today you came to my school in Walla Walla Washington i was blown away by your talents and insperations! i just want to say thank you for sharing this with us! you are a very talented man and you are an insperation to most including me keep it up this is great!!!! *jessie*

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