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Chelsea Zeidman
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I am one of the students from Simpson Middle School. I have to say, at the beginning of the assembly I thought "Just another boring assembly!" But really yours was by far THE best EVER!!!!! I was also honored at the end being one of the few students chosen to sign my name the the phenominal painting. Thank you for choosing me. You are an amazing artist and I can't wait to see the final outcome of it in however many years it turns out to be. Once agian thank you for sharing your knowledge and you art with me and my fellow students at Simpson Middle School.

mariam maiga
hi mr. dunning i saw your presentation at simpson middle school i am a student in 7th grade and i think your presentation was awesome it really shows that you had a big dream and it took you 14 years to accomplish it and it was really great i loved it. it was funny, emtional and very creative. i would be honored to sign it anytime Ps. your cat is really cute

That assembely at Simpson Middle School was great! I cannot wait to hear more about your signature project!

I think the signature project is awesome. The fact that the whole picture is made of peoples signatures is the greatest thing i've ever heard of!!!!!!!!!!

Zack Prater
Hello! I am a student at Simpson Middle school in Louduon County in Virginia. You recently visited my school (the show was great by the way!), and I was wondering how you waould get all of all our signatures when we never got the oppurtunity to sign(othere than the 5 people you picked)? You said something about our teachers comming at lunch to sign their names but I asked my third block teacher and she said that she didn't know anything about what you were talking about.. I just kinda wanted to be apart of what you were doing. Thank you veerrrrry much for coming to my school! P.S. you were awsome on the guitar!!:)

Hey u came to my school today (11-28-06) and i saw your show. It was so cool. I loved the way u incorperated your dad. I think that artists should do that more often, the way u hid things was incredible. When I heard of the Signature Project i thought that it was just going to be a little picture that some guy had done. But when i saw the slideshow and saw how hard this was i truely thought that this is what u loved to do and it wasn't something that u just did to make money.

Kris Bonham
You are an amazing man and an amazing artist Mr. Dunning! Your presentation inspired me to buy lottery tickets!

Hello again! I was just wondering when this project is going to be done?

I think this piece of artwork is extremely X-QUIZ-IT. My grammar, however, is not.

Tara Grosman
Hi! I am A 7th grade student at Anthony Wayne Middle School. When you came to our middle school, for a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade assembly, I asked my self what is it for. Then when I left I thought it was so cool, for you to come to our school and do this for us! Your art work is amazing and I wonder how you ever made it up. I thought it was APSOLUTLEY amazing how you did all that work! Sincerely, Tara a 7th grade student

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