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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Bryan Barnhouse
Mr. Dunning, Thanks for sharing your talents and stories. The combination made for a memorable event at the Brownfields 2003 conference in Portland, OR.

Lereana Myers
Patrick,I thought the assembly was the best one I have ever seen! As soon as the DVD comes out I am going to buy it.I was really touched by the spirit it had and that all of my class thought it is the best assembly our whole school has ever seen!! We loved it and will always!

Marya Kampmann
Dear Patrick, I saw your presentation a few years ago and loved it! I just wanted to say that it's a very creative, moving, and special thing to do. I'm so happy I learned about what you were doing, and I loved how you also talked about Ireland, the project was very touching.

Marla Egbert
My 4th grade students were enthralled. Thank you for visiting American Falls. God Bless! Marla

MacKenzie Martin
That was the most coolest thing I have ever seen. It really inspired me to get out there and really see the world. It's not about watching tv, it's about exloring the world, because it's right in front of your eyes.It taught me to see lots of people out there.They might be different colors or religions but we're all human beings, and we have to respect that. In other words, your show was unbelievable! MacKenzie, age 10

Jesse Moyer
I just saw the presentation today at our high school in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I was lucky enough to be able to sign the lower left-hand corner of the picture, and I must say that I was totally moved by Patrick Dunning's project. It is simply amazing. The creativity, dedication and artistic genius that is required to think of something like that is almost unthinkable. I especially admired the dedication Patrick had to including his father in the project. I can't wait to see the final product on DVD and hopefully on display someday.

Mrs. Cartabona and class
We loved the show. Your brother is a great musician. We liked it when you created the eye in the river - what a great Irish eye! The soda bread looks really tasty! We hope to get to see your picture when it's done in 2012. We hope you can get on a morning show like Good Morning America so everyone can see it! We liked when you added your body and hands to the painting using special paint and the ultraviolet light. We all would have loved to sign it! Your cat was really cute - yea Bailey! How did you take your heart out in the form of the red light? That was really cool! We enjoyed when you made music with your body - the motorcycle and the cop. The Morse code thing with your dad was really cool. Wonderful job! Good luck - see you in 2012. P. S. Was that really your brother live on the phone or was it a recording?

mark carrow
Hi Patrick, I truly enjoyed your show on 3-4-03 at Pioneer Jr High & thank you for taking time to personaly talk to me after the show. I can't wait to see it finished and know that I along with a million other signers will feel true joy. Thanks again, Mark Carrow

Becky McCarthy
Patrick Dunning's Signature Project is an unforgettable experience. At first I was mesmerized by the depth of creativity, special effects, and inter-connectedness. It is full of symbolism. As he says, there's another way of looking at things & what I saw reminded me that there are parts of us so deep they are invisible to others unless seen in a certain light, or only as an image. All the names-each one is significant; the people we meet leave an impression on our hearts. And the heart shining brighter than the sun is divine love. The arms spanning the universe belong to the Creator embracing all of humanity/creation with love and compassion for all nations. I think this is also a symbol of Patrick, himself. His father, mother and brother are an integrated part of him, along with his appreciation for music, beauty and nature. I've seen this twice and wish all my friends to see it,too.

Megan Zager
hi,today you came to my school(saywer woods)december 3rd 2004 I loved it when you called your brother on the phone and when you did the mortorcicle sounds it was so amazing and I think that you work is so so so so so so so so so amazing

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