The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Kari Maxwell
I am still awestruck by how intricate your project is. I signed your picture but I forgot what part it was... it was while you were in Lakeside, ca last october I believe. It was an awesome assembly. I had a great experience. I can't wait to see the finished product.

shianne varga
I love ur brothers music. Its soooo pretty. I also think that this idea is brilliant. Oh yea thank you for letting me sighne it i feel special.

I think this idea is wonderful!!!! I like the music alot!!!!!

Julia Napolitano
When you came to my school, I think your preformance was unbaleavalbe! Please contiue your work, it is beautiful!

Grand site. Very good work.

Erin Moran
I just wanted you to know that I am developing a similar project to do with my students based on signatures. I loved your presentation and I was totally inspired after it. Thank you so much for the poster! I think you are amazing!

I loved your esemblee at Greenville, it's sweet that you drew a picture of your dad. My teacher signed the earth.

Cristian Morales
your presentation was awesome man and you cna play the guitar and do thing with your hand and are awesome at painting and drawing.I hope your signature project is a succes,ireland rocks and cool drawings!!!!!!!!!

I didn't think that it was phisicly possible for a human to do! This project is so big, and amazing, that i wish the whole world knew! No one would ever guess that the picure is made of signatures! And all of the cool light features they where just amazing!!!!!! I loved it soooo much!!! At first, i was upset because i had to miss my study period, but when i walked out, i realized i didnt care! That wa samazing in sooooo many ways!! I loved it!!!!

I have one more question to ask you. Is ther any way that my friends and I would be able to sign it. Is there a place in New Jersey that you stay to let people sign your amazing project Thanks so much for your presentation Anthony Wayne Middle School,NJ

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