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Sixth Grader From Avery
I really enjoyed your presentation. I thought it was very interesting. I wish you the best of luck finishing the rest of the 14 years finishing the project. You are soooo smart and talented.

tavia eckhart from ronn nunn school
You cameto my your brother is really good at that insterment . Mores code is cool and i like the piture of whoevers dad.You got names of diferrent pepole from diferent contrys thats cool.I helped take tape off the you remember me Mr.Dunning.I hope so will bye.

Kody Radil
I am the kid at lunch that said, "that was the best show I have ever seen". I am from Two Springs Elementary. And I really meant that it was the best show I have ever seen!! Thank you for performing at our school. Your friend, Kody Bye

amy jenson
i think what you are doing is so cool and i think you are the best artist i have ever seen you are so creative and thats why your are my new row-modle i saw your presontation and i just thought that that was one of the coolest things i have ever seen and i think that when it is done it will be the best work of art ever made!you are an ensperation to everyone!never giv up on your dreams u rock patrick and god bless you patrick!!!-amy

Pam Miele
Thank you for such a wonderful performance today at our school. You have touched the lives of many children in an impressive way. The message is one that will endure with them for a long time.

i would love to sign your picture

Darya R
Hi!I am a student at Will Rogers middle school where you performed about 2 weeks ago.I just wanted to say that it was the most interesting presentation i had ever been on.So all i want to say is I wish you to finish this progect and I think that this project will go in to our history for a long time.

rebecca rallens
I loved your show at Andrew Carnegie Middle School. It so cool how you came up with it and you a re so patient with this project. If i was doing a project that took me 28 years I would after the first couple of weeks, but you are a very patient guy and I thank you for showing mr your presentation at my school. I really wanted to sign your poster. -rebecca rallens

hello patrick, Im a student at H. clark powers and i just wanted to say your show the other day was amazing and you are an amazing artist

I love the assebally but you should of had everyone sighn it because to know you were sooo close but not to sighn sucked. Oh well it was AWESOME!!!

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