The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Tina Bulmer
I missed your performance in Agawam Mass but my grandaughter went and told me it was amazing. Can you tell me where you will be performing next?

Lynette Frey
Hi Patrick Dunning, I met you in LI last week. Looking forward to your coming to our district next April Would be interested in ordering teacher Christmas presents from "your store". 15 teachers x (poster,cd,postcards for each). Please instruct as to total, all shipped to the same address. Thank you.

Samantha and Matt
We loved your presentation at Mill Creek Elementary. Your art is amazing.Like the one that played music and the morse code one. How do you do that? We also loved your blues song! Your really good! Good luck on your project! Bye!

Adriana Gonzalez
That project is goging to look very amazingwith all those signatures. Sincerely, Adriana Gonzalez

I am a mill creek student I love your assembly and the art werk.Is it fun going around the the USA?You are really good at guitar.I'm matthew franks

Faith Crawford
I'm Faith (first grade) and I was in your Copper Beech audience. and your fathers painting was nice and I know where the secret Irish soda bread receipe is. Thank you for coming to my school. Abington, PA

i thought your work was the most amazing thing i have ever seen i know that when it's finished it will be even more amazing then when you started, i feel so honored that you could come to my school Copper Beech thanks a lot

Anna Sork
i would like to be sent mail from you because i want to know how ur doing with ur art.

ben from your show at copper beech
I just watched your show at the Copper Beech School,im a student in the sixth grade and i must say that i am amazed and inspired of how you turn art into anything you can.I have been enriched both mentally and spiritually,and i hope that you go on to create amazing creations that you make so well. sincerely,Ben

You came to my school last week and I thought your project was amazing. I told you this to your face but I wanted to tell you again that it's unlike anything I've ever seen before and probably the only think like it that I ever will see. It was the weirdest thing. In the beginning of you presentation I was a bit confused then you were a magician, then a musician, and an artist and an intellectual, a scientist, a realist, a naturalist. I was overwhelmed and with overwhelm came anxiety then I laughed so hard during your cat, Bailey's, purring. After the presentation I was in the locker room getting ready for soccer and I teared up a little bit. I don't think I'll ever understand how you make your audience members feel so many emotions in one sitting. You are a man of value and purpose to this world.

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