The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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ben from your show at copper beech
I just watched your show at the Copper Beech School,im a student in the sixth grade and i must say that i am amazed and inspired of how you turn art into anything you can.I have been enriched both mentally and spiritually,and i hope that you go on to create amazing creations that you make so well. sincerely,Ben

You came to my school last week and I thought your project was amazing. I told you this to your face but I wanted to tell you again that it's unlike anything I've ever seen before and probably the only think like it that I ever will see. It was the weirdest thing. In the beginning of you presentation I was a bit confused then you were a magician, then a musician, and an artist and an intellectual, a scientist, a realist, a naturalist. I was overwhelmed and with overwhelm came anxiety then I laughed so hard during your cat, Bailey's, purring. After the presentation I was in the locker room getting ready for soccer and I teared up a little bit. I don't think I'll ever understand how you make your audience members feel so many emotions in one sitting. You are a man of value and purpose to this world.

Jennifer Bonner
I am a science teacher at St. Pius X School in Montville, NJ. You performed for us on Nov. 9th. I was so moved by your presentation. You have captured show much of Earth's beauty. I thank you so much for sharing your love of life with all of us. It helps keep everything into perspective. It also helps us realize how blessed we are to have our lives, even if we go through difficult times. Thank you for being so inspiring and sharing your story. You are truly blessed with an amazing gift. May the LORD continue to bless you on your journey through life! Sincerely, Jennifer Bonner

I love it, your presentation at my schoolwas awsome. I hope your having alot of fun with that.

Kit Gahan
Dear Patrick--Just wanted to thank you again for coming to Old Mill Road School. All of the children and staff enjoyed your presentation. The Signature Project is truly ingenious and to think, now you have let us become part of it.

some kid from NY
Patrock this is amazing. I saw your presentation at my school today and i thought,"WOW thats amazing.'' I have never seen something so amazing. It takes art to a whole new level. It has morse code, x-ray images, music, and even incorporates magnetic field into art. It's simply amazing and i will definately go to see this when it is done. I hope you continue to make even more amazing art inspiring people around the world for many years to come. I wish you the best of luck and success. You are a truly gifted artist. Thank you.

You came to my school. I am part of the sixth grade. Do you remember the girl with the short brown hair, at a lunch period and the blonde haired girl with her? If you do that girl with the short brown hair was me and the girl with the blonde hair is my cousin. If you do not remember I asked if you were really on yhe phone with your brother. My name is Emily Maxwell and my cousin's name is Leah Grady. I think the signature project is really cool, but I do wish I had gotten to sign it. Thank you for reading this. Hope to see you soon, Emily Maxwell

James Giammetta
Hello today you were Old Mill RD. school that was the most AMAZING SHOW I EVER SEEN. It was the Best!That stinks that your father died.The music was awesome.The morse code is cool to draw.You are the best artist EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah rappa
Dear,Pratrick I just want to say that your signatureproject is very inspiuring to me and that i can really tell that even though you do not know many people in the world that you stell care about every single one of them. Also i liked the presentation you made at Remington middle school.

Renee Ferraro
Patrick, What a wonderful way to start off a Monday morning! Thank you for your visit today to Franklin, Massachusetts. Your performance and your art is dynamic, passionate, and beautiful. Thank You for bringing a smile to my face and for showing our children that it is possible to live out your dreams and to follow your heart. With gratitude, A Cuban-Armenian fan!

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