The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Britenii Zumbrun
hey i really like presantaition and i wanted to sighn the paper but we could not so ill talk to u later bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BriAnne Pauley
Hey Patrick! This is BriAnne, just wanted to tell you that it's a cool thing that your doing. I wish I could have signed it! That's ok though. Alright well someone else wants to send you a comment now. Can't wait to see it when it's done. BYE!!!!

devin clawson
how can I buy the CD

purple inu fan
oh yeah there was alot more iwanted to tell you about but idint have the time oh and hope you finish your project sooner then 14 years! i mean jeez thats like well along time! oh my gosh well i got to go bed good night! uh or morning?

purple inufan!
hello patrick,my freind and iwanted to talk to you today after the show.I wanted to know what cords on the guitar you were playing and if you could of sign my sketch pad :) luved the show and your work! my lil bros fav was the eyeball! well talk to ya later bye bye!

chalina close
hey i liked the show but i just cant stop wondering how you pulled the red heart out of the white heart . any way i tlod my mom about the project and she was amassed .well hope to see again. just remember chief moses middel school is the best!!!!

Cameron Ballard
Dear Patrick, yo thanks for letting me sign part of the signature project!!!! ~ cameron from chief moses middle school

kelsie grant
hi patrick, i just wanted to tell you that your project is really cool and how hard it would be to think of all that cool hidden things upon that piece of art. i really would want to see that in person wants it was all the way finished. i also was wondering if somehow you could find your name in the picture on the site. ok bye bye now hope you come again-kelsie

Hi Patrick I thought this was really cool! Do you know what year the project will be done in?

hey patrick i loved your show it was really have some talent i like it .i would love it if you would come back again sometime and share your talent with us .tell your brother i love the music its great.its cool you like the blues cause i think they have cool music nice connection there. well nice seeing u keep in touch and feel free to email anytime!!..thanks sydney [syd]

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets