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Faith Nolan
Thank you so much for your performance today at St. Joseph School in Seattle, Washington! I really enjoyed the pictures you shared with us, especially the pictures of your cat, Bailey! What kind of breed is she? My mom got to see your performance at the 2003 Environmental Conference (in June 2003) and loved it, too. She even bought one of your music CDs! We listen to it in the car; it's beautiful. I hope that you come back soon so that my little sister, Riley (who is a kindergartener at St. Joseph School) can see it too! Thank you again! Faith Nolan (age 11)

Tom Smart
today i saw your presentation at my school (hopkinton high). i deeply enjoyed it and thought that it was an amazing thing you are trying to do. i also signed your project and greatly look forward to the completion of it. best of luck to you and i hope to meet you again some day.

Jay D. McGee
I attended your show that you did in Lima, Ohio. It was part of our yearly meeting that we have to attend. Everything was to be completed @ 4p.m. Until Dave added on your showing,I am glad he did. I was amazed by the layering of the differt materials and messages. I hope you the best! Thanks! P.S. I hope you made it home without too many problems.Drive Safely...........

Tim & Malinda & Calvin Howard
Mr.Patrick Dunning WOW!!!!!!! We really enjoyed you show that you had at Miami, OK on May 8, 2003 in the evening.I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished art work. You are so talented. So is your brother.I hope that this can be part of Calvin's histroy that he can say he was there. I do have a keepsake book for him. I am very big on keeping things for his future.I have only tried to do our family tree.I am very impressed with your talent and dedication.I hope you are enjoying this project and that you have a very safe trips to all of these wonderful places. If you are ever back close in this area please let us know.Tim kept saying how much he enjoyed talking to you.I could have talked and listened for hours. I wish that I could have come to the other shows you had here. One was not enough. God has blessed you with this talent and you doing great things with it. I hope God will watch over you in your travels and keep you safe.Give your cat a hug for Calvin he only has two

caleb from wyandotte
I think patrick dunning is a genious. I can tell by his artistic view and talent. He takes all that is beutifle and makes it whole. I am 13 and am a male frome wyandotte oklahoma

heidi arndt
dear patrick, i'm heidi arndt and i like drawing, painting, and playing the piano. i already know your talents, but what i'd give to have your brother's talent. normally people ask me how old and what grade i'm in. i'm in 4th grade and 9 going on 10 in may. you have a very unique talent and i wanted to know if you always wanted to be an artest or were you thinking of something else? i want to e a writer and i must be a young one to start out as because as my dad says that children are creative in everything they do. i believe my dad because he is a very wise librarian and a very nice poetry writer. i've started a book already and it's called beyond the rainbow and it's about this magical tree that dwarfs live in. and there's this dwarvin girl who hears the bragging of the weather fairies and wishes long and hard to be a weather fiary. and one day her fiary dwarf mother comes and asks her her wish. the little dwarf replied exitedly that she told her her one and only wish, for the

John Meisner
I thought you were very very amazing and so mysterious. I loved the part when you played electric & acoustic guitar on one of your recordings. i also liked it when you showed us your cat Bailey when you showed us that disgusting purr noise he made.Anyway, I wish you good luck in the future with your drawings because in the future, they could be worth lots of money someday.Anyway thanks,for being so amazing and keep up the good work.

I'm a 3rd grader at Leonard Lawrence in Bellevue and my mom is helping me write this. I really enjoyed your show. I hope you come back again. From Roshawn

Andrew R. Simmons
The assembly was soooo good it made me cry. At L.L.

ashlee galer
Hi! patrick my name is ashlee galer you came to my school on 10/12/04 and i really liked your show at recess we all talked about the show no one out of the 5th and 6th grade played we all talked about your show i think it was very very good. my schools name is leonard lawrance. hope you have a saff tripeto the next school. ashlee galer

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