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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Amanda Fleig
My name is Amanda Nicole Fleig and I am 11 years old. I live in Manteca, CA and last year when I was in 5th grade, Patrick came to George McParland Elementary School which I attend and I got to sign the Project. My teacher picked me and four other students to sign the Project. After seening his presentation, I couldn't wait to sign it. It was truly an inspiration to me and I was shocked to hear my classmates who never thought of anything so deeply before talk about this project the way they did. I'd like to personally thank Patrick. It is the best thing I've ever signed.

Diana Soch
Mr. Dunning, Today, October 19, 2004, You came to the middle school,in winthrop,MA, to perform. I do not go to the middel school yet, I'm still in 5th grade.Your performance was unbeliveable! How on earth did you set it all up? That heart that keeps appearring and disappearing! And the sound effects are awsome! I am so sorry about your father, I had cried when you said he died and made a secret picture of him. When you played that song by your brother, I had tears in my eyes. My godmother had died a year ago and I was thinking of her. When you said that was part of life I really started to feel better about her passing away. The picture of the eye and the bridge was just a beauty! I have never known anyone so creative! The picture of all the names is wonderful! In my class, Mr. Cuddi's, id doing something lie that. But just with our spelling words. Mr. Cuddi had signed your picture at the essembly. I wish I get to sign it one day. I have a lot more to say, but if I do, I will be here

Alexandra Packham
This is th emost amazing thing I've ever seen

Frank Murphy
I think your project is awesome! I can agree with you on the Irish part cuz my last name is MURPHY (irish) and i loved your brother's music it was "deep". wow i never thought I would use that word like that! hahaha have a good time and dont stop doin what u r daoin! Oh and can u tell me where I can buy that dvd thnx bye!

thank you for comming to our school. the whole presentation was amazing and incredibly insperational. i love art and especially loved the music. your brother really is an incredible musician. all of your ideas appeared so unique. the eye on the water, the morse code, music notes, the recipe for irish soda bread(which my mom wanted). thank you for inspiring me. -Kim- Holy Trinity Catholic School- Lenexa,Ks- 8th grade

Audrey and Henry Garman
We saw you at Cedarhome Elementary School in Stanwood, WA today. We liked the newspaper somebody had in your Signature Project that said "Cedarhome is the Best School in the USA." Thank you for visiting our school. We wish our mom and dad could have seen the project. When we got back to class, our teacher asked if it was the greatest thing we'd ever seen. We all said "Yeah!" The outline of you in metalic paint was great. Thank you.

I substitute taught today on 2/1/06 at Toby Johnson Middle School (Elk Grove, CA). It was such a wonderful presentation and it's such a great project to share with these students and the world for that matter. How I would love to be a part of something so grand! I graduated from San Jose State University with an art degree in photography. I taught 7th grade science and am currently enrolled in the Master's program for integrating technology in education at Stanislaus State University in Turlock, CA. I think your presentation would be a wonderful thing to share with the teacher credentialing program at the university. It would be a great opportunity for future teachers to see the arts, science, math, social studies, and music being integrated so seemlessly into a fabulous statement of mankinds strengths and frailities. BRAVO! Encore! Thanks for sharing yourself, Nichelle Caramanoff 02-01-2006

Faith Nolan
Thank you so much for your performance today at St. Joseph School in Seattle, Washington! I really enjoyed the pictures you shared with us, especially the pictures of your cat, Bailey! What kind of breed is she? My mom got to see your performance at the 2003 Environmental Conference (in June 2003) and loved it, too. She even bought one of your music CDs! We listen to it in the car; it's beautiful. I hope that you come back soon so that my little sister, Riley (who is a kindergartener at St. Joseph School) can see it too! Thank you again! Faith Nolan (age 11)

Tom Smart
today i saw your presentation at my school (hopkinton high). i deeply enjoyed it and thought that it was an amazing thing you are trying to do. i also signed your project and greatly look forward to the completion of it. best of luck to you and i hope to meet you again some day.

Jay D. McGee
I attended your show that you did in Lima, Ohio. It was part of our yearly meeting that we have to attend. Everything was to be completed @ 4p.m. Until Dave added on your showing,I am glad he did. I was amazed by the layering of the differt materials and messages. I hope you the best! Thanks! P.S. I hope you made it home without too many problems.Drive Safely...........

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