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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Ryan Brown
Mr. Dunning I was at the performance you did at Andrew Carnegie Middle School. I think your project is wonderful, beautiful, artistic, and genius! i would have never thought of using the different waves as art. your signature project has inspired me greatly.

Taylor Klein
I loved the show I am from Fair Oaks, Sacramento. My school is Andrew Carnegie Middle School. Thats the best assembly I have ever seen. I loved the eye project. I saw the project and my cousin is from Thialand her name is May or Mae I saw her face on all the different people who signed. It was so cool!!!! Anyways I love your work and you are an insperation to me!!!!!! By, Taylor Klein from Andrew Carnegie Middle School in Fair Oaks, Sacramento

Rachel Fowler
Hi I just wanted to say that i was very toutched by your assembly I go to Will Rogers Middle School In sacramento and when you came my math teacher was gunna ask you out on a date haha and she wanted to here what you thought about life and Everyone in my class was thrilled by your performance and I want you to know that i wish i was as devoted as you are I just wish i could have signed it Well i hope all is well and that you stay focust on your work with out your cat bayley on your paintings haha So stay determined and keep working!!! P.S. you play the guitar SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD I loved it!!

jill Goudy
I saw your presentation today at Andrew CArnegie Middle School. I was wonering if you sold copies of your photo of the eye on the bridge. I have never been so moved by a piece of art. Thank you.

My son came home from middle school today raving about your art form. It was so cool to see the spark of inspiration you gave him. He has not talked about something he has learned at school in many years! Thanks!

kurt zeller
Hey, you came to my school carnegie and I was really amazed. I was wondering where you are going to put your signiture.

Cyrus McHugh
Today u came to my school Andrew Carnegie. I loved your presentation your type of art is beutiful.

jared powell
thank you mr. dunning for coming to carnegie your art was pretty remarkable thanks jared powell

chris schott
that was cool what you did for our school in cayucos that was fun that you lettte us sign it i was the person that came at hte end and took tha tape off the ground to sign it i was the frist to sign it. Thank that was fun

Brendan Farrell
You came to my middle school today and we were blown away. Are you going to do this for television? I think your message could put our current struggles into perspective. I think you should continue with the "layers" that you have so brilliantly started.

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