The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Marco Iachini
Hi patrick, i'm an exchange student in Riverton High School and I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your presentation of the Signature Project it's a neat idea! Good job!

Coley Nicholls
qwertyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuiopasdfgh awsome dude

Graci Day
waddup wankster hows it goin mayne i was jus bored yo n i thought i would check out yo gangsta page its pretty tight yo keep up da work homie

PATRICK DUNNING thak you so much for coming to shoshoni school. i thought it was very interesting, and fun at the same time. i like the concept that you are using names and sigs for your artwork, and i like how you can use and see the pictuer in so many diferent way. and thanx for letting me sign the picture. it made my day so much! Shelbie Joe

Orlando Rodriguez
hey! youre presentation rocked on monday here in riverton! i wish i would have got to sign it, it would have been awesome to be part of that!

hey patrick im from riverton high and i really enjoyed your show thing. You have a cool and interesting way of thinking

Regina hunter
dear Patrick, Hi I am Regina. You came to my school,RMS rember on 8/28/06.well I relly liked your presentaion. It was vary unick and inspiering. I want to do somehting simeler but creative in my one way. I had alot of favorit parts like of corse your project, I loved your picture of your dad that told a story in morse code. you asked questens at the presention, so now it is my ternto ask you?what is your kind of art called? You know because thers pop art and that sort of thing. well sorry for the long letter, but I am shure you probubly wont get to right back. and if you cant get my e-mail adress, so my adress is 317 W. Sunset riverton,wy 82501 your friend, Regina

Amanda Martinez
Your show was amazing I really like the music. You made me want to listen to irish music more lol

Heather O'Brien
I thought to project was so cool, but after sitting there for so long my butt got really sore.

Kay Watson
I think this presentation was awesome!!! I really cannot find the words to describe how it made me feel and I suspect that I will be thinking about this for a long time to come! The multi-layers in the project are overwhelming! Mr. Dunning is truly a gifted and talented individual and I applaud his work. I am very honored to be a very small part of this wonderful project! Thank you for coming to Shoshoni, WY!

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