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Alexandra mace
Hi, I'am alexandra Mace i am a fith grader at Ron nunn Elemetary.I thought your project was so cool and I loved your brother's music.i made Irish Soda bread and you were so right it was so great.I would love to meet you some time this year so you could tell me exactly how you did it andi want to be just like you .my mom said you can do anything you put your mind to.And i believe her.i did a poll with my friends and they said your presentation was the best one we have had since kindergarten. so we hope you will come to are sixth grade school next year and do it again.P.S it's name is Adam's Middle School in California .We all want to sign your signature ,Alexandra mace at Ron Nunn Elemetary School.

Dear Mr. Dunning, Hi yes it is me again. If u do not know who i am i am the little girl from Ron Nunn Elementry who interviewed you after your presentation which i have to say was amazing! And thank you for letting me know your site yes it is very imformative and has great information for my article. Thank you so much for coming to our school your painting and presentation was fun filled and heart warming! ~ Ariel P.S.) the soda bread tasted good!

Allie Nichols
Hi! I'm Allie from Ron Nunn elementary, CA.I was in the special group that you gave the cards to.My Friend was the blonde girl and i was the darker haired girl. You made my friend speak irish to get a card.I thought your presentation was amazing and i think you are amazing.I especially love the picture of your father in the mores code.i am almost all irish(a liitle English)and my mom went to Ireland for ten days with my aunts and grandma. my three cousins and one of my aunts lived in Tralee,Ireland for 1 year.I also loved that you wrote the people who were in the planes in 2001s name's.that was the best assembly i have ever been to!Write back!

Paige Ross
i loved the assembly at Ron Nunn! thanks!!!

Hey I was at Ron Nunn! You went to my school today! I loved your presentation it was so cool! I wish I got to sighn my name. I really liked your presentation a lot! It was hecka cool! I showed my dad the picture and he said it was really cool!

I really liked what you came and showed us today I like the part when we turned blue. The song that you and you brother played to us it made me think of some one very speical. Thank you alot bye-bye.

Kendall Lamaestra
dear mr.dunning i had so much fun at the assembly today. you are my favorite artist in thre world. you made my day. i think its cool how you put things inside you paintings. i love the songs and you guitar. i am planing to make the irish soda bread on tuesday. thanks for the assembly

Hi patrick nice job at our school today! o and by the way how did you say we could meet your mom? Well anyway cool site! Bye! sincerely, Tyler

Brook Ham
Hey, I was the one that was watching you in the morning around 7:00 your show what so cool your realy smart and talented you take gr8 photo's to! i g2g c ya

tavia e
Its me agiian.I'm wrighting for my cosin Cassie.She said,"I like all the names on the piture and she liked the song". bye

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