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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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brooke patrick
hey i love your project

Brenda Iden
thanks for the wonderful presentation. I am so excited to have my name on the signature picture. My daughter is a wonderful artist and I can't wait to get the DVD to share with her! May the Lord Bless and protect you for all that you do to inspire children! Brenda

Melanie Howlett
Hi Patrick, I'm the Starrett Middle School Art teacher that saw your program yesterday and as I told you I absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for visiting our school and the CD is great. I'm playing it for all my art students and you could hear a pin drop! I tried to explain the "event" to some of my friends that weren't there to see it (including my husband who teaches at the high school here in Lander) and it was sooooooooooooooooo difficult. Of course I shared your website. Good Luck on your on-going creation. Thanks for the inspiration!! We're all sending our good vibs your way. Melanie

thanks 4 picking me and my friends 2 day your show was sweet 8-31-06

Ksandra Jeffery
Thank you VERY much for visiting Wind River Highschool in Pavillion Wyoming! I am SO glad I was able to see your presentation! I've been talking about nothing else ever since that day! You were truely inspiring to a young artist in the making. I absolutely love the way you express yourself in your art. How everything seems to speak in their own unique way. I would have liked to say hello to you in person, but you already had a lot of people talking to you! :) Oh well maybe some day! I love to meet and talk to artists. It inspires me to keep trying to get better with my own art! Good luck on completing your project. And thank you again for the opportunity to see your presentation! Oh, and tell your brother he's an awesome musician. I loved the music.

layla haberman
hi patrick i am layla haberman from lander wyoming i saw your presentation and i thougtht it was great and amazing how you timed it so well i was really interested on how you did all the art and the brige i thought your cat was cute i just had a quick question how many calls does your brother get from people that you have presented too well please write me back ps i am sorry about all the fast food you deserve better

racine Estep
Hi thank you for our show today it was so cool. i would like you to come next year it was fantastic. i loved it when you talked to your brother on the phone and played with him across the alantic.

Your presentation at the lander middle school (starret junior high) moved me and I would very much like to be part of this signature project so if you get this in time maybe you could come back and let me sign my name. Oh and I am going to make some of that delishous Irish soda bread here soon.

hey Patrick,You know my name but not where I come from I am a freshman this year at Riverton High School.All of your art work was beatiful!.I also wanted to thank you for putting the names of the people who died in 911, that was so kind of a person. Since you have the people of 911, I thought that you may consider putting on the name of eather ihe people who died durring Hurricane Katrena, or the people who have died over in Iraq. I think that would be vary gracous of you. Rachael Medow p.s. tell your brother hi and to keep up with his music.

i think its amazing that you could come up with something so indepth. it seems as if you have thought about this for a long time. i really injoyed your presentaition though i wish that everyone could have signed there names. but that might have taken to long

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