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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jessica Foy
I am from Wind River middle school/high school. I loved your presentaion. it inspired me to be more creative in art and to look at things a different way, like to look past what i am doing. it is so cool how you are making the signature project out of signatures. that is so cool and unique. i would have never thought of doing something so creative. i loved your view of life. your project changed the way i look at art now. i will never forget your presentation. and i wish i could have been one of those people to sighn your square thingy. cause i would have loved to help you to get further with your presentation. THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT WAS INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow i absulutly loved your presentation at wind river school in wyoming. i belive that you gave many of the kids a different or changed a bit of the way theey look at life. i wish i could of been there to see the eye on the river. it would of been even more beautiful in real life. thanks again for coming and showing us your creativity. i am glad to be one of the many who signed on the artwork!

Brady Beers
Hey Patrick. i was in the crowd when you came to RMS your presentation was the best presentation i have ever seen and it made me realize that the most important thing is to live life to its fullest and appreciat what you have thanks you so much. Brady PS thanks for the headline about us beating lander 50-0 it was great. go spartens

hi i really enjoyed your presentatin today. i was glad that i had the chance to sign it. you are one crative person!

Delbert Wichelhaus
Hey im from riverton, wyoming. I really liked your presentation. Thank you for coming for us.

Jordon Barquin
thank you for coming to our school! Also thank you for letting me sign my name to the signature project.

meredith the magnificent
i really injoyed your show and i loved your accent. Did you actually call your brother?

Shay Horton
Dear Mr. Dunning, I think what you are doing is really neat because you want to take the time to realize your dreams and put them into music or onto the canvas as you have been doing with your signature project. Thank you for taking the time to come to our school and show us your project. Sincerely, Shay Horton 8th grade

Matthew Martin
Hi. I really enjoyed your show at Wind River on Aug. 29, 2006. Could you send me the recipe for your moms potato soup? My mom really wants to try it out, and i would like to taste it. Thanks.

Katelyn D.
Hello. I was at Wind River High school and you did your presentation. I learned alot in that hour about life. Thank you for doing what you have done your whole life. Thank you for being the person you are today. Hope you enjoyed your stop at Wind River High School in Pavillion, Wyoming. Thanks

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