The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Forrest Keating
That was the most amazing presantation I have ever seen! I hope you complete it soon. If you could mail me an autograph please!! Forrest Keating P.O.Box 2052 Fort Washakie,WY 82514 Your #1 fan from Starret JR. High School Lander Wyoming Forrest Keating

Thank you for coming to our school in Lander Wyoming, i thought that it was really cool and creative.

Marcus Ute
Hello, it's aug. 31 2006 and I saw your presentation at Starett Jr. High school in Lander Wyoming. I am very intrested in your work and incourage you to do your best with this amazing project.

brenna johnson
hi i am from starthart junner high. i think that i was the most coolest thing ever i can not explan on my gosh i loved it was a amazing artest ever i loveddd it soo much you need to come back some time .... i wsh my mom got to see it she would of love it well if you can e-mail be bak plzzz brenna johnsom

euphamia gilbert
dear patrick, i thought i was beautiful...especialy since i love art!!

Gabriella Thunder
hey patrick, this is Gabriella Thunder you should come back to lander wyoming we injoyed your show you were awsome!!!

quinn from starrett middle school
that is just AWSOME dude. its incredible how you fit all those secrets and stuff in the art. this is gonna be realy famous. if aleans ever found it i wonder what they would think. lol have fun! O_O

i really liked you show, i thought i was pretty cool!!!!!

u are the best man

that was frekin awsome..... o and im from lander,WY

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets