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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Marda Barton
I saw your phenomenal show today at Clyde Hill Elementary School in Bellevue. I was amazed at your ingenuity and talent.I would love for my entire family to see this same show I witnessed today. Is there a future show else where that we could attend? Do you perform anywhere outside of the schools? Please let me know so I can share this wonderful project with my family. Thank you, Marda Barton

Hi I love your art. YYYYYYYooooooooooooooo

hey pat i realy loved the music that you and your brother did goog by

i love your art. you are my favorite!

u were at my school clde hill

sophia goodenberger
I love your art work. You came to my school (Lake Grove Elementary) and you showed us your art work. Could you send me some pictures of your art work. I am very inpired by you. My favorite piece of art was where you shine a light on the picture and then you can see inside of it. You are a wonderful artists and I've never seen work as cool as your's. Please e-mail me back! From, Sophia

Maureen McGowan Peterson
Patrick- Want you to know that it was one of the best assemblies that we have had in a long time. You are a genius in coordinating all of your talents in the arts electronically. I visited Ireland in the summer 1993. I fell in love with your people and country. I was able to see the graves of some of my ancestors in Sligo on my dads side of the family. I also learned what part of Ireland that my mom's family came from. Keep on doing what your doing. You are an inspiration to all as there is nothing better than celebrating life.

Anika Bhargava
Hey Patrick, I loved your show and your website.Its obvious evryone liked it. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

julia chang
i am one of the clyde hill members my name is julia and i thought that your art was awsome and im a 5 grader

WOW! That was a great speech. I never knew signatures can be made by art. Well i hope you can do the speech again!

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