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Kristina Begay
Hey Mr. Dunner I'm am from here at the sanders junior high thankyou from presentation it was really cool laterz I hope you come again i loved the blues song you played peace out

'Sup, I really enjoyed your presentation. I love how you got a lot of signatures and put it in to a picture. I also enjoyed your brother playing music over the phone. I t was very soothing. Sincerely, marlena forster Sanders Middle School age 11

Dominique Tsinnie
hey patrick, really loved the show you put on here in sanders. good luck with all the signatures. hope you finish soon.


WE hope that your project turn out Exllent and We loved your show at BCMS remeber us

andy feola from C W Goetz Middle school
i like your proforments when you came to are school. if you can right back can you give me the gutair notes that you played on the gutair please thank you your friend andy feola

i relly like your project and all you did for these children and people my name is jabriel from dr.william h horton and we were was so lucky that you came to our school and we really liked your show

i loved your presentation!!!! i go to plano middle school and i liked how you said that we kick sandwitches butt!!! oh... you speak the truth. but i wish that we could have all signed it... we got out of alot of class so that was cool. please email me back!!!!!! Emily

Kayla Boatman
yo yo yo home dawg!I loved your performance at our school the other day! you must have put a lot of time and effort into this to help people look at things a different way!

Aaron Kubisak
I was at your Plano Middle School presentation. I thought it was absolutely terrific! I was impressed by the eye thing with the bridge.I also liked the morse code painting of your father

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