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Becky and Stephen Hammond
My brother and I saw the show at Greenhills school in Green Township NJ and thought it was so awsome and that it is such a great idea we also thought your way of making layers of paintings is so amamazing and your cat is really cute thank you for coming to our school we really injoyed it

Hi Patrick I saw your show and your work when you visited my school Dr.William H.Horton on 05/12/06 and it was great I really enjoyed it.

hey it is me and my frenid taylor agin you did our school onece midland school it was the best ever i loved it im half irish is it all green in ierlin ? or not all green

yuffrysis lopez
your presentation was very cool.I wanted to say that how do you make an ultra-violet to show the number43 into a music to show every body that brother wrote the song.By the way,did your brother wrote the song for your father?Thank you for showing us that Dr.WilliamHorton school was the best in Newark.I wish that you picked me to rub you cat even it sleeps weird but,it is still funny.Also,you write cool songs with your brother.

yuffrysis lopez
How did you do that trick when you took the light from the heart,can you teach me that trick.Also I like the presentation you did about when your cat smiled!

allen amorim
im a student at dr.william h.horton school and i want to comment you and say i love your work!!! ^-^ !

lindsey hosler
Your presenatation was absolutely amazing. I told everyone about it and I was commenting about it to everyone. I know everyone loved it. talking to your brother was really cool.and I really liked the eye and the your heart that you grabbed. And I also have cats I have two one boy and one girl. they are really cute I love your fathers face that was really touching. I really liked everything that I don't even have a favorite.

angela taggart
hi this is angela from dr.horton tell your brother i said hi i like his musici like the way you are doing the art that is amazing. i will see you latter or talk to you latter ok bye....

noelle and nicholas sanitango
we as students love you show at dr.william h.horton on may 12 2006 it was so cool who was the first person to sign the project ?

hi i like your prsentation at george washington middle school i like the songs tell your brother i said hes good and that thethingwith your father in morc code was really nice ill comment you backlater ok talk to you later bye and i like the thing you did with the brige and the half of a eye ok bye

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