The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Evans Stevenson
I really liked your project I am from Ms. Russell's class from Lake Grove elementary school. I can't wait till your dvd comes out! Your presentaion was Awsome. I think your project was unique for making the project out of signatures. Iliked it alot! by!

alex Bergeron
yooooooooooooooooo! i thought your porjcts is cool and hope you could aad my name o ya im from lake grove elemenerty school rember you went tusday may 30. :) :) :)

yasmine genena
hi i am from lake grove elementary and i just wanted to say that the presentation was amazing and i hope you acomplish what you are planning to. thanks for sharing it with me and my school.

nice project snd i think i a really uqnce thing to do. and nice recipe and im rom lakegrove

Thanks for letting me sign my name on your project. I had such a great tim at your show today. Thanks for coming to our school, Lake Grove. I hope you come next year! Sincerly, Sawyer

I loved the project that you are doing. I love the project that you did for our school, Lake Grove. Our family is going to make the soda bread soon! Thanks for coming to our school and doing that. I love yor work and I hope you come next year and the year after that! sincerly , McKenzie

max lagassey
dear, patrick awesome assembly on tuesday. how long do u think it will take u? P.S. YOOOOOOOOOOOO! WAS UP.. YAY GOOD JOB

Brittany E.
I really loved your preformance at our school you made my day coming in today. Your brother is a great flutist and you, a great guitarist. I apreciate you letting me and a couple of my friends sighn your wonderful work of art. I wish you the best, Please e-mail me back. Brittany E.

Garrett Lang
Hey, Patrick! I'm from Lake Grove Elementary and i say your presentation. It was amazing. I almost cried. I think it is awsome how you can do so many amazing things, and i'm glad that you care so much about life that you would dedicate your own to show all of these amazing things through art... What you are starting will be a revalution!!! ~Garrett Lang

the Extremely Urgent Alex Bard
How do you click on names on the website? Please help ASAP. Thanks.

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