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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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David and Phyllis Stueckle
We viewed your extra special amazing program at the Wa. Farm Bureau summer conference in Kennewick, Wa. July 14th. We knew a man who played the same instrument you did with your hands. He had several instruments. This was in the 1940's! Thanks for letting us sign your project and keep up the good work.

Thank you for coming to Clyde Hill Elementary. I really enjoyed your presentation at our assembly, it was really cool. Good luck with the project.

I think your art is truly amazing and if you're wondering were I'm from I know it's a little late but I'm from Ron Nunn Elementary. I'm truly empressed of the many pieces of art that with different kinds of light you can look at and addmire them. Also your art is the first one I know about htat you can actualy play music with it. I hope people can realy apreciate yor art.

Holly Pettitt
We need to cancel our performance for the Nevada City School of the Arts - I think it is scheduled in September.

I loved your presentation at my school it ment alot tio me

stephanie cooke
I kept e-mailing you,but you never answered.

your website is so cool that it's on my favorite places

Ann Marie Simpson
Hi, I am very interested in previewing your project. I live in New Jersey and was hoping to see your program!!!Please email me if you will be in NJ this summer or in the fall. Thank you.

mary (from branchburg central middle school)
yyyyyooooooooo!!!!!!!!! pat i thought ur idea was so cooooool... wish i could sign it.....

Kelly Kulakowski
WOW! I saw your show a while ago at Carl W. Goets Middle School (Jackson Nj USA) One of the gym teachers commented you before. I just remembered what this website was called! I've been dying to show my mom this website because her side of the family is irish! And I knew she would enjoy it as much as I did! She said we will definitely be making that irish soda bread. I was stunned and amazed by your performance, it was such a pleasure to see you and what you are doing! You were awsome!! And I was very impressed. I could see it took so long to get this far, and so much time and effort and patience that I would not be able to deal with. So, I admire you and your work! My school and I admired you very much, and were so thanksful to have you here. My teahcers were super duper thankful to be a part of this project! Thanks so much! -Kelly Kulakowski

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