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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi Patrick, my favorite thing about your Signature Project is where the motorcycle gets caught by the police.

Hi!!! I saw you at Clyde Hill Elementary today and you are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a great artist and guitar player!!! I really like what you did with your dads portrait, making it into morse code with your brothers music. It was also really creative with the "Eyerish" curtain you put on that bridge. The signiture thing was awesome too. And the hand and picture of you on the Signiature Project was SO SO SO SO SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Mackenzie C.
Remember me? i was the girl who got to sign your beautiful artwork at Clydehill! I just wanted to say that i though what your project is so amazing and i wanted to thank you for doing the presentation at my school! That presentation was the one of the best assembleys i have ever gone to! I think it is so cool that you are including everyone in this, even your father who has (sadly) passed away. I always wonder if it would be worse to have a relative die that you havn't even met (when they were alive) before or to lose someone you have gotten so close to and known for a big chunk of your life. I had a cousinthat died when she was only 25 HOURS old. she was an angel from heaven and she was so perfect that she was sent back to heaven before i could meet her. I know i will be able to see her when i am in heaven though...sorry for talking so much about mmyself! feel free to e-mail me, just be aware that i might delete it thinking it is junkmail! i hope your project is a succsess and that yo

Claire Wendle
I loved your assembly at Clyde Hill Elementary!!!!! Only, I forgot how to get to the signature of your Mom, and I really want to learn how to make the whatcha call it dish, and it looed soooooo good. And so yooooooooooooooooooooooo and peace out dudes and rock on and I loved your painting and how my teacher, Ms. McKenzie got to be a part of it to. Where will this project go when it's finished? Best of luck, Claire Wendle. 06-01-06

can you write my name on the project?

How do you get to see names.

yooooooooooooooooo! I LOVE UR PICTURE!! u came to my school and I think that it's amazing!! My only sugestion is that u dont put it im cubes, you should put it all together to show the whole world!

I love the presentation that you gave at Clyde Hill. How did you do it? It was amazing! My favorite part, well I actually have 2 favorite parts, is when you grab the light out of the heart and when you called your brother. How did the cat purr? How did the dog bark? Get back to me if you can. thanks, love, Zoe P.S. I had a great time, hope I see you again soon!

HI it's Charlie again. U no what I THINK YOUR CRAZRY TO THINK OF THIS!

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