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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Kira Thompson
hey this site is really cool. I love the songs that you played at the assembly.

Candy Raleigh
Dear Mr. Dunning, Thank you so much for sharing your project with us.It is really an amazing thing that you are doing. My class would like to express to you their favorite parts. The blues- simran d. When you made the music- miguel l When you threw the heart- trinidad The blues- noah When you called your brother and played the guitar- ryanne When you played the guitar- krystal s. When you showed the picture of your dad- larissa It made me happy, i liked seeing the names- janet When you sang the blues- sergio When you played you guitar the music sounded good- alyssa When you played the guitar- noor Guitar- ana When you took out your heart- josephina When you showed the picture of your dad and did the trick with the heart- krystal g When you played the blues- jade

Luis O Rojas
I liked your presentation in the heart part when you got a little heart, ,i liked the rocket

Hi, my name is jana.I really liked the show at Fremont School.Thank you so so so so so so much. I really like the project.It is so beautiful.

Barbara Garner
Patrick, I had the pleasure of attending your presentation this morning with my 3rd grade Special Education Class at Fremont School, Corcoran, CA. My students talked about your amazing art and you for the remainder of the day. I have been in education for 24 years and have never attended an assembly that was so mesmerizing, entertaining, and amazing before. I admire your artwork and look forward to hearing how your project is doing until it's completion. Thank you for sharing your talent and yourself with us.

Dear Patrick,I really enjoyed your assembely at warwick elementery school. I am so happy that my teacher signed the one peace of the big picture with the big hand on it.

When you went to John C. Fremont Elementary School in Corcoran CA you did a show of art for third graders. YOU are cool.I like the music you and or brother did, it was a blast.I love it so much.

judy fierro
Hello, Mr. Dunning, We just wanted to say how moving your creation and music are. We enjoyed the heart the most, but all was incredible. Our teacher lost her dad on the same day that her daughter was born. Your story about your father was sad but very moving, and made a connection for her. Thank you and we wish you the very best with your Signature Project, we all look forward to its completion and unveiling. Mrs. Fierro and class

Brooke Davis
Hi Patrick- My class wanted to let you know that the Signature Project was awesome. They loved the entire show. Keep up the excellent work. P.S) It was an honor to sign your art work.

Mrs. Janet Hansen-Fremont School, Corcoran
Fantastic!!! What an exciting presentation! We enjoyed so many parts of this presentation, but our favorites were your dad's picture, the music, the motorcycle sounds, the hidden hand, and the heart. It brought to us so many of the things we have been learning in our last Reading Theme of the year which is entitled "Our Talent Show" to live! The music, the art, and the meaning behind it all was so significant. Thank you so much for the most interesting presentation that we have ever seen! We are so happy to have our signatures included in this wonderful form of art. Mrs. Hansen and Students from Romm G-1, Fremont School, Corcoran, Calif.

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