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Ryan Wintersteen
Hi im a student at Warren Hills High School in New Jersey, you just did a presention for this project at my school 2 days ago and i found your project really marvelous. I thought it was one of the best presentations ki have ever been to and i was facinated by your art work like the brigde in ireland with your eye that u did. Your art work i felt was orignal and about life in so many ways. I can relate to it in so many ways. It truley is amazing. I hope that it turns out well and i can't wait to see the finished project. Keep doing what your doing! BRILLANT! GOOD LUCK!

Ainsley Dowling
Hello Patrick, I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday at my school (Warren Hills) a lot of things i could relate to. ive gone to Ireland every summer since i can remember. my grandmas owns a cottage out in clonneen tipperary. i've been to the cliffs of moore(i think that is how you spell it) my dad proposed to my mom there and i haven't been to dublin but i have been around there. i've been to tully in galway as well and i enjoyed the music you played as well. i know how to play the tin whistle but that is the only irish instrument i know. i also irish dance as well. so i really enjoyed your presentation. but how come you didn't let everyone sign it? cause i would have really liked to sign it. hopefully one day i will be able to. thanks a lot Ainsley

Melanie Davila
Hey, I'm from Warren Hills Regional High School in New Jersey. I'm just here to say that your presentation was amazing. It wasn't boring at all like usual school assemblies are. The painting is very interesting with all the layers and millions of signatures. Good luck with the project.

Stephanie and Ashley
Dear Patrick, We are from Sandshore school. We enjoyed your poroject very much. It's amazing all the thought and work that's behind it. It can touch eveyones heart with all the meaning behind it. Good work!

nathan bauer
GREAT SHOW! It was awsome and lots of fun. never give up on what you belive. Finish strong. Can't wait to see it when its done.

Stephanie and Ashley
Dear Patrick,

Stephanie Gomez
Hi, i saw your presentation at Warren Hills High School and i thought that this project is something amazing and very creative. I liked your presentation alot. It is just so cool how you put in one artwork all types of art and the thing i liked the most was the bridge and the picture of your father with the morse code song. I hope that everyone esle enjoyd it as i did. Thanks for going to our school to show us such a cool project.

Johnathan Povsic
i saw your show yesterday (5/5/06) twice. I asked to sign it but never got a chance can you put my name in there for me?

Patrick Ruddiman
Hello my name is Patrick Ruddiman, im from warren hills high school and i thougt your presentation was awsome and i cant wait to see the finished art it was an honor to have been able to sign it. Thanks for the experience.

Ryan Bullock...fro
Heyy, i saw your show yesterday at Warren Hills NJ. I loved it! They whole idea of the morse code in you fathers picture and the lullaby was crazy. Whered you got the idea for all this beas me but i really liked the eye in the bridge. I cant wait to see the finished art! I also really liked the Thermine, i believe that was what it was called, if you have any information on where i could get one from or how i could make one i would really really appreciate it! Thanks loved the show. -that little sign that said WARREN HILLS KICKS H-TOWNS BUTT...does it say P-burg KICKS WARRENHILLS BUT when you go to phillipsburg? just wondering.

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