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Igdalia Covarrubias
Hey,I have just seen your presintation at Farmersville J.R High.Therefore I thought it was great.You have expired me to become someone in life.I didn't know that everything can become art.But today I just learned that.Which was a great expirience.Even though I didn't get to sign your Signature Project I still loved your presintation.What do you do after your done with your Signature Project?I feel so sorry that your dad died.I also liked your guitar and etc........

Jaime and Evan and Justine
Dear Patrick Dunning, We saw your show when you were here at our school. ( Green HIlls ). It was like totally awesome. That is like seriously impressive that you have worked for so long on this. It will be awesome to see in real life and we hope to all go. We think that the eye thing with the bridge was so awesome. The only thing we didn't like was that you didn't let us sign it. You would have had a lot more signatures if you let all the schools sign. it would help. We also don't like the thought of forming cubes out of it when you are done because all the work has gone to waste. So yeah...Thanks for coming.. Jaime Evan and Justine.

hey, i was amazed when you came to george washington middle school! I checked those list of songs you have "The Kid in the Cot" was the best stay cool

hey patrick your work is amazing. My name is on your siganature project, you came to my school a last year saint simon and jude. Keep up the great work. kiani

ryan m

nathanael stearns
patrick, your phenomenal! i love your project

Sharon Hollifield
Mr. Dunning, Thank you for taking the time to come to Valley High School in Sanders, AZ. Your presentation is the best I have seen since I have been here. By the end of the day the students were still talking about what they had seen and heard. I wish we could have had you in August at the beginning of the year to encourage the students in Art, Music, and their studies as a whole. Being on the Navajo Reservation, we don't get to see how education can be put to use in such an expressive manner besides the traditional uses of education. Thank you for showing our students how they can tie everything they are and can be into a beautiful work of art (Life), be creative with eye opening results. You are an inspiration. Sharon Hollifield Valley High School Librarian

Mr. Michael Cesaro
Mr. Dunning, I wanted to thank you so very much for coming to Sanders Middle School today, Friday, May 18th. I am currently a first year teacher at Sanders, and really ejoyed the message that you gave to my students. As I am sure you probably tell, many of these children from Sanders live well below the poverty line. It was good for them to hear someone who really appreciates life. Thank you again for coming to the school. I am sure that most if not all really learned a valuable lesson today. Thank You, Mr. Michael Cesaro

Kristina Begay
Hey Mr. Dunner I'm am from here at the sanders junior high thankyou from presentation it was really cool laterz I hope you come again i loved the blues song you played peace out

'Sup, I really enjoyed your presentation. I love how you got a lot of signatures and put it in to a picture. I also enjoyed your brother playing music over the phone. I t was very soothing. Sincerely, marlena forster Sanders Middle School age 11

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