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Kaitlyn Leonard
hey parick! i saw ur show onm monday and man let me tell u that i think that show was the most amazing show i have ever seen in my whole life. I am an 8th grader at goetz middle school and when i heard we had an assembly i was like oh man some stupid thing probably on not to so drugs or something like that. but i was so suprised when i saw ur stuff. What ur doing is amazing and when u wur doing ur assemblly i left like i was in the presents of a pure genius. I went to oregon and i went on that submerine u show us a picture of in portland last summer at that museme and i was like wow i was there... but anyways i really love what ur doing and hope that maybe with in the next 14 years i will be able to sign that poster

Sarah Olsen
I saw your assembly at kutz elementary. I just loved the idea so much. It has a lot of names on it. Those names are speacial.

Amelia Bayer
Wow! That was an amazing show! I saw your presentation at my school, Kutz Elementary School. My friends and I laughed and enjoyed ourselves the whole time! Good luck with your project! It will be amazing when it is done!

Hi! You really inspired me. I wan't to a project like this only much, much smaller. I wan't to be a part of your project so if you could please sign my name on your project that would be cool. If you do tell me.

Brooke Wickham
I loved the assembly you presented and it was the best assembly in the world i wanted so much to be able to sign it but i understood that i couldnt but just even to know for years to come until my death to know what it was like to see your work of heart body and soul by the way im one of mrs fisks students and thats all we talked about in class for about 2 days thanks again hope to see the whole thing when its done your awesome and have a huge heart for baily, your brother and even still your dad

Julianna Meacham date:5-3-06
Hi, My name is Julianna Meacham and I am in 5th grade. Today you just did an assembly at my school, Kutz Elementaray. Your assembly today was fantastic!!! I was REALLY amazed by the signature project and I love the fact how you are soooooooooo creative by that. I seriously loved it, you can't even SAY how wonderful it was to me and to meet you. I will definatly comment back. ~Julianna M.

Jessica Milroy
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I saw your show at Kutz Elementry School in Doylestown PA, USA. I am a sixth grade student. I thought the show was the best assembaly our school has ever had! It is so amasing what you are doing, I may take a long time but it will be worth it! I think every thing was so amazing but I really like how you use X- ray and Ultraviolet to make your pitcures more that they really are. I also thought it was very nice that you made the three rays of sun light the names of people from September 11. Tahnk you for coming to our school. I hope I can see your work again some time.

yo pimp waz up

Luke Traina
Hi Patrick, I am 4 years old! I go to small wonders! It is the best school ever I mean besides kutz. Your friend, Luke Traina

Patrick S.
I'm from kutz elementary in PA, USA and i wish i can put my nameon the project (only adults could do it)

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