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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Diane Wagner
I just found my autographed t-shirt that I purchased from you and had tucked away several years ago with a picture of this artwork on it. I was wondering what the status of this project was so I checked out this website. How exciting to see it still in progress! I signed your project, probably in the late 90's, at the Puyallup Fair in Puyallup, Washington, and my signature is up near the bird and the moon. Keep up the good work!

Beth Speizer
You were at our school today. This was an amazing assembly. The kids loved it!!You are a very interesting person who has led quite a rememorable life!

Felipe Bermedo
Hey, i loved your presentation in warren hills. it was amazing and its the best presentation we had for a while! thank you for coming to our school and showing your art. ~Felipe~

Deniz Senyurt
I am a George Washington 8th grade student and today (5/9/06)I witnessed the signature project and I was so affected by it. It was the best school event, ever. But what most intrested me was your orginality. The peices of art that you did was amazing, espaically the one that was dedicated to your father. I hope you complete your project soon. Good Luck. By the way, I loved your brother's music and the soda bread.

Kristin Brunje
Patrick, I have seen your performance on May 9, 2006 at George Washington Middle School in Wayne, NJ. I saw your 2nd performance. It was amazing. I enjoyed it ALOT !!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I hope everything turns out great with your signature project !! Sincerely, Kristin Brunje

I really want to know where you are going to be these few months or something because u came to my school but i didnt get to sign. I really would like to. I would do almost anything to sign it!!!! please and thank you!

You came to my school, George WAshington Middle School and your presentation was awesome. The music blew me away and the effects were funny hope you could come again. I would like to know, How do you come up with these ideas. They are very clever. Well, Thanks for coming to my school. Gabriella Ferrara

Jamie M.
I saw your presentation today at George Washington Middle School in Wayne, NJ. I seriously thought it was absoutely amazing. I mean the way you linked everything together. The music, the art, the colors, the light, and life itself. It was so meaningful and i connected so well with the presentation.Once you thought that you've seen it all, you've just begun with Patrick Dunning. It was absolutely extrodinary. I myself am a musician and write songs and It just sucked me in. Thank you so much!

Aron Kurtz
Hey you just came to my school in George Washington May 9 2006 and i think that it is truly amazing how dedicate to your work like the eye on the half pennie river and the painting of your dad and espeicaly The entire Signature Project!

Brianne Finley (my friends call me Leperchaun)
I was at George Wahinton Middle School and I loved your show. I have been interested in art my whole life but I would rather stay with horseback ridding. I love the ideas you have for The signature Project. My great grandfather was born in Irland. Im going to go to Ireland sometime next year. I hope to find you there. Your work has inspired me and I will never forget it. Thanks :)

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