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Patrick McNamara
Hi I liked the assembly at Goetz.... just wish I could've signed it though. My family is really IrIsH. We make irish soda bread with a different recipe though, but it still has the cross. I'm Irish too! Ireland is awesome!

Brian Sela
Dear Patrick I'm 6 years old,you came to my school P.S53.I loved your show,I hope you can come again.

Caitlyn and Carrie F.
Hello Patrick! Im happy you came to our Highschool Warren Hills. We loved the show and your art work. Also my sister got to sing your project. We think your art work is very creative and clever. Also that it was the most coolest assembely we ever had at our school. You should come back next year. We like your brothers music too. That art would go down in history and so would you. From, Caitlyn & Carrie F.

Gina Varamo
You're project was SO incredibly amazing!! It blew my mind all of the time and thought that went into the piece..the presentation almost brought me to tears honestly haha! Connecting all of i was amazed and enjoyed every minute of it! I love it its a great idea and I wish you ALL of the best with the rest of the signatures.

where can i find a picture of the eye on the bridge? thanks

wow...that painting is amazing!!I saw your show when you came to Warren Hills Highschool on May 5th...which is today=)Your painting inspired me to paint a something so i can remember my 4 years in highschool. It wont be quite as amazing as your picture and it wont have all the x-rays or uv images...but i want tp paint something that means as much to me as your painting means to you. Thankyou so much for comming to our school and,once again, The Signature Project is absolutley PHENOMINAL!!!!bye!!=)

Jen Skorets
Patrick, This was amazing. I saw the presentation at my high school; Warren Hills in washington,NJ. It is very cool that all the signatures make up a picture. My teacher Mr. Anderson choose me from his class to sign the the section that was being signed. Thanks-

Deanna Kloppel
Brillant,magnificent,stupendus all those words don't even say how good the assemble was wait not even those words combind together. I realy like how you put your life and what you where working on together for us. I respect what you did for 9/11 because one of those buildings was where my mom's work was all of her friends made it out but my mom was working at home when that happen.Also my Aunt almost got on one of the planes that was higacted that day but she didn't get on it.Every one at Kutz loved it and I did to. I was one of the fourth graders at the assemble just to say if you didn't know. God bless you and have a good day or night which ever time your reading this. P.S write back.

Stephanie Ebata
dear mr.dunning i so loved your show at Kutz Elementary!!!!!!!!!!:) your show was(acually theres know word to discribe it!!!!!!!)i still cant belive that in maybe 10 years that the signature project will be done!!!!!! some day when its done i'll do anything to go see it even if its in china or somwhere far away!!!! THE BEST PART WAS THE MOTORCYCLE ON THE MUSICAL THING THAT LEON THERMIN ENVENTED AND MY OTHER FAVORITE PROJECT WAS THE EYE PROJECT WHEN EARLY IN THE MORNING YOU HUNG THE BIG HALVE EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL BYE

Ellie Rhoads
Dear Mr. Dunning, I am one of the students from kutz Elementary School and loved your presentation! I really hope that your Signature Project will work out all right! The other project "the eye Over the Bridge Project", was cool too. You're really good at the guitar! { In my opinion, maybe not to some other people!} The instrument invented by Leon Thermin,{I think?} was really cool how you did the "motorcycle chased by a policeman" thing. I loved your cat Bailey, and he was so cool! Your brother is a really mucisian! Since I play the piano, and are going to play the flute, I'd say he was really good. Sorry this is a really long letter, i got to go. I will do this again! Please email me back!

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