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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I loved your show. I thught it was cool when you had the image and through to the picture of your dad. just to let you know I go to Green Hills School in New Jersey. Thank you! From, Gavin

Patrick Tierney
I loved your show( I'm from Green, just saw it today, May 11)and I was wondering if you let the students at the shows sign your project. The whole day after I left from my viewing, I was asking teachers if I could sign, and I also tried to sneak in right after lunch (don't tell!). So anyway, please just give me a response. This show truly was amazing, and I would just like to say keep on showing, you are amazing! Also maybe show at Newton High School within the next four years, that's where I'll be, and I'll have a shot at contributing to your BRILLIANT work of art. Thanks for coming, once again you are amazing, and how did you do that thing where you put your hand up to the white heart on the screen and got that light to suddenly shine in your hand? That was cool. See ya(I hope).

brook gipson
Mr. Dunning, I love the painting. I understand it how it is all the meaning of life death and everything that comes with it. Music some of your heratige thats really cool. I love music too so that is really interesting all the work you had to put into making it. And now that my teachers signed it i know they took place in the making of a masterpiece its so awesome. I love that picture and Mrs. Voris got a copy i was like no fair *laugh out loud*. Well thanks for coming to my school. Brook from Green Hills School

Beth Voris
hmmmm.... .....every now and then the planets align...

Dear Patrick, I Liked your presentation. Thankyou. Your cat was cute. From Liz

Kelly Drislane
Hello Patrick, You came to my School today (GHS) You said you were from Dublin, everybody in my family is from Ireland. You had the best preformance I have ever seen, I may only be 11, but I have been to ireland 6 times, and have seen the Dublin Bridge, I hope to see you again. Bye, Kelly

Dear Patrick, Thankyou for the presention at Green Hills School. I thought that was really cool. I liked the music. From, Ethan

Alicia Sullivan
Hello again, I'm the music teacher at Green Hills School in Greendell NJ and I had the absolute pleasure of seeing your presentation twice today. I am so thankful to be small signature on your work, and I thank you again for letting me add my friend's name in his memory. I am honored to be a part of your creativity and I wish you all the best. (I hope the directions I gave you were ok too!) Love and Light, Alicia Sullivan

Mr. Bollette's 4th Grade Class
Patrick, We have just come back from your presentation at GreenHills School in NJ. We would like to thank you for the wonderful hour that you spent with us. What a great project! Good luck finishing The Signature Project!

Hey That Was So Cool. Your Brother Is a Hunk =) Nad i love Your Cat. Hope You Liked Me

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