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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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suzanne Panettieri
Dear Mr. Dunning, I liked the part where the heart began to appear on your shirt. Also, I liked the part where you threw the heart on the board and it turned into a moon. Love, Joshua Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I liked your brother's music. I feel bad for your father. I like your art. I liked the show. PS, love Matthias Dear Mr. Dunning, I liked your painting. I liked your art made out of names. How old is your brother? Love, Evan Dear Mr. Dunning, I like your pictures. I liked that your brother calls you all the way to the United States. Your picture of your father and your pictures of the runway across the USA are great!

Ravi Akella
Yo! Wazzup?!?! You just had an assembly at our school at BCMS in Branchburg New Jersey. I think your assembly is so cool! Who would think of such great ideas? You are totally cool. But I think you were overexhaggerating the cat thing. I totally think your project is so cool!

Hey I just saw your show at Branchburg Central Middle school! IT OWNS! I was sad we couldnt sign it tho :( It was the coolest thing Ive ever seen though! Im gonna track you down before its done and sign it! EMIAL BACK!

Morgan Graziano
Dear Patrick, I liked your assembley! from, morgan graziano

Cory Shanahan
High you came to my school a cuople months ago and had a magnificent show i have to say that it was a great honor to meet a fellow irishman. The school you visited was in Lynden and is called Lynden MIddle School. Bye and i hope to be able to e-mail you and have you as a pin-pal.

I saw your presentation at Warren Hills High school this past Friday and I just have to tell you how amazing you are. That painting is amazing. I could have sat there and listened to you talk all day. I also want to thank you for your donation to the Drama Club. That poster is gorgeous, and the cd kept us all motivated while decorating for the dance. I am very honored to have been able to sign your amazing work of art. My friends and I that signed it have decided when it is done, we're going to meet where ever you decide to display it, and go see it. thank you so much again.

Ahmad Ismail
yo that presentation was amazing! i loved it...we havnt had an exciting presentation in our school for a long time, thanx for changing that

Emily Cummins
Hi. I like the project; you are intense. You were just at my school (Warren Hills in Washington, NJ) but I was upset. I didn't get to sign my name, but I want to let you know that if my teacher chose me I wouldn't have signed my own name. I would have signed my grandma's. See, to me your project is just a gigantic way of making certain people/ideas/cultures immortal, so that they endure time and never fade. My grandma has Alzheimer’s disease, and I know that she is getting close to her "time". I want her to remain eternal just like your father will because of the morse code on square 43. So maybe you could sign her name Catherine Cummins (originally Catherine Conolly, a fellow Irish lady) It would mean the world to me. thank you, Emily

phillip regina
that was best presintion of my life. thank you for coming to sandshore school.

Samantha and Alex
<Alex>: your music is really good you should have a band . <Sami>: Hi i like that Irish Soda bread you wrote on one of your projects. we might try it some day!

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