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awesome project dude

hi my name is Teressa....You came to the Woodstown High school in New Jersey.Wow It blew me was so amazing..I love how every part of the picture has a different secret of your life and family in it..I really loved it thanks so much for coming to our school and sharing with us.....yooooooo...haha... thanks Teressa

Hi. We just had your assembly today at my school, and I wanted to say that I thought that it was really cool!

heidi arndt
Dear Patrick, I'm the one that is writing that article one you, and it's going really nicely. the only struggle I'm having is that I have to send it to Portland, Oregon to have it published in the newspaper. I'm excited to see if it get's published at all. Right now I'm working on using the right kind of words and revising and editing, then all I have to do is rewrite it. But that's the easy part. (Just Kidding) Your fan, Heidi

Patrick Chestnut, Woodstown Physics
Dear Mr. Dunning, Thank you for taking me on your spiritual journey! I was touched by your presentation today. We appreciate your dedication to the arts and science.

all the manchester township elementry school love your show you are so cool i like the part when you did the motor cycle. that is so amazing that you made a picture out of signatures i really like are so amazing .

hi,i saw your presentaion today and Woodstown High and i got to sign your picture and i have to say i think its amazing how you thought up all of that really cool stuff and i felt honored to sign it. Good luck and can't wait to see it when its done.

I relly like your show today u relly cherd me up b/c i have a lerning disubelty thank u for come to are school today. ps. yooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Becky Lee
Hello, I am a student at WMS. I thought your presentation was really cool. My social studies teacher, of the 7th grade, mailed you about our coments on it and we thought it was awsome. I said that it was undescribable. I thought your moral was really cool and that how you did things and how you included people was great. Thank you so much! Becky Lee

Nedim Mehanovic
Hey, I loved the signature project you showed at Highlands middle school. I think the music you played with your brother Brian was amazing. Oh yeah, I also really lied the picture you made that looked like a eye.

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