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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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diane larsen
you taught the kids to think of life in ways that will help them in the future. sincerely:Diane Larsen

nathaniel kristall
patrick you really inspiered me to think of life in many different ways i hope your dreams will come ture in 14 years. always:nathaniel kristall

Theresa Mancuso
I am a Para at Candlewood middle school. I saw your presentation at our school. I thought it was the best program our school has shown. I enjoy your program and was honored to be a part of it. I will never forget this experience. Thank you!!!!

Haley Ahmed
hi,i love your artwork.i am 8 years old

Brianna Johnston
I saw you in PS114 in Rockaway Queens and i absolutely loved it

Max Fokanov
Dear Patrick, I was really amazed by the size of the project. I also enjoyed the music. Waiting for you to add more pictures!

Jennifer Maher
Hey, You came to my school on Friday (P.S. 53) in Staten Island, NY. I am a first grade teacher there, and the kids and I enjoyed your presentation. It was certainly interesting. I find it amazing that you thought of this project. I guess you were born with a gift!!!

hi agian! u ahve inspired me 2 follow my dreams ! i am also sorry aobut ur father is he was still alive he would be soo proud of you. also he would proud of u so the morse code and doing the violet light 2 show he face.i am very excited about the name painting were people rite their names welll bye!from ,ariana

Sarah Muller
Hello I enjoyed your show at my school. I go to Sandshore School. I had a good time. Thank you for your presentation.

Thomas Petrocelli
Dear Patrick Dunning, My name is Thomas PetrocellI. I am from Sandshore school in New Jersey USA. I enjoyed your show. I have been to Ireland before. I went on, June 18, 2005. I went to many of the places that you showed us. My Popa was born in Ireland. I heard the music that your brother Brian made. My sister is an irish step dancer and she dances to what I think is your brothers music.I really enjoyed your show! From, Thomas Petrocelli P.S Please write back soon!

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