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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jack smith
I wish you were my brother! I like when you played the guitar fromjack smith

Tammy Zakuto
Dear Patrick, It was a real treasure having you come to our school. Your presentation gave me goosebumps! It was such an emotional experience for all of us. My students were so overjoyed and excited at having the chance to email you. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing. You are the Leonardo DaVinci of the 21st century! Good luck making your beautiful artistic vision a reality. With tremendous admiration, Tammy Zakuto

Logan Danek
I am Logan from Kutz. You're magic. write back

Shih-Yun Chen
I have just ordered a CD from you site. I put in my credit card info and submit the order. There were no confirmation at the end. Please let me know if my order went through. I need it soon for my son's birthday. Thank you.

heyy u came to my school today(goetz, in jackson nj) i liked your show it was cool how come we the kids dident get to sign the picture? anyways it was a great show! by the way im 13

yoooooooooooooooooo!!!! Your presentation was incredible. Thanks for coming to the goetz middle school!!

Stacey Fisk (goetz school)
Patrick Thanks fot a great show. You have inspired many and you make the world a better place with your visions and energy. We loved your show and will see you again. You are one of a kind!

Chris Malta
The assembly today at Goetz middle school was awesome! I really enjoyed the music and the artwork, it was simply just amazing.

Patrick Grelis
Wow. That looks like you put your life into it. Hi, you came to my school and you showed us alot of really neat things like the pictures from your trip and the eye you made in the water that only lasted 8 minutes, that was truley amazing, Im an artest but I dont put my soul into my work like you do. and I like how you included your brothers music, the recipe, your mother, and the picture of your fathers face in morce code. And all the important people you got to sign the project. Also I like how you are going to make a sculpture out of it. Any way, Thank you for coming to my school.(Goetz Middle School)

Hello Patrick, You spoke at my school today and i thought it was very very interesting and fascinating. The way you are putting all the names of people into making one picture is amazing and i loved the serets hidden behind them. Also i loved the music you and your brother from Ireland played for us. By the way i go to Goetz Middle School. Thanks for coming and hope you finish soon! 05-02-2006

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