The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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John anticev
i saw you at P.S53 on 4/28/06 and i enjoyed your was entertaining and very meaningful

The singture project is the best thing ever. Why did u make this?

I really liked your show.

Kylie Wink
Dear Mr. Dunning when you came to manchester school that was a great show you put on for us and i loved when you called your brother and you guys played music. Well thats all i can tink of but please write me back at sincerly, Kylie.

i though your show was amazing and grate i hope that you hade a good time at p.s.53

Richie LoGatto
Man your show was so sick i never saw anything like it peace out man!!!

Juliet Rigau
I was at P.S.53 today and your show was finalminal.When your show was over everybody was wondering how you took your heart out.I was touched when you talked about your father because my grandma had pasted away in December.I really enjoyed your show!Bye!

Kellyn Ursin
Hi, I am a student at P.S.53.I liked when you showed the big picture of the sun, and the pictures of Ireland.

Nicolas and Gabrielle Coudakis
From P.S. 53 Staten Island, New York, USA. I am in fourth grade and my sister is in first grade. We saw your show today and we thought it was phenomenal! We both loved it. We wish you much success and luck in continuing your project. Thank you.

Nicolette Jimenez
Dear Patrick Dunning, Thank you so much for the presentation at Sandshore School. i thought it was amazing. i think your a really good artist and you have great ideas. once again thanks and maybe i'll see you again.

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