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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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david jaworowski
i luv ur art but i was at the assembly today at candlewood middleschool and i think you should put the eye of the dubland bridge on the website for the fun of it! n omg i almost forgot thats alot and i mean alot of signatures!!!

thanks for visiting our school Candlewood today May 1st it was an honor to have you speak to us.Thanks so muchhhhh!!!!!!

you are so cool! omg! oxoxo! lol! byeas!

YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!

kristen white
Hi my name is kristen white and you came to my school today(may 1st candlewood middle school). i have questions for you why didn't you have everyone sign the poster so you can get more squares done? What made you think of doing something like this? What does the morse code made into your fathers face say? Do you get signatures every chance you get or do you sometime get lazy and relaxe for a bit? Thank you and your signature prodject is REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!from, kristen white

Dan Cho
All I can say is Wow. Your presentation at Candlewood was amazing and I thank you for being there. Even though I couldn't sign the signature project, I was lucky enough to actually see it live. I hope that one day that it could be finished. Don't give up!

Lu Lu
Heyy!, i just wated to say thanks for changing my life around. After the assembly today i was so moody and upset, but i guess you opened up the door of art for me. I feel happier and releived a bit. Thanks again Lu Lu

Sarah Khan
Hi Patrick! I really like the project you're workig on. I especially enjoyed your presentation you gave at my School, Candlewood Middle School. I hope to see your project when it's done! Best Wishes!

im the kid who talked 2 u at candlewood ms i loved ur show and wish u good luck with ur life congrats oh yeah YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo

Julianna Widman
Dear Patrick, I loved your presantation. I think that this project is the best idea anyone has ever had. I love art and this by far is the best artwork idea EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait t see what you ave in mind for when you finish the signature project. I wish my name were up there!!!!!!

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