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Geri DiMarco
Hi Patrick, Your presentation at Ridgeway Elementary was absolutely wonderful. We all enjoyed it very much. Your creativity is astounding. I am honored to have signed your project.

Mrs. Hennig's class
We are in 2nd grade at Ridgeway Elementary school in Manchester twp, NJ We thought it was the best show ever, and it was cool to learn so many things in one hour! Thank you for coming to our school!

Robyn Pilcher's Class - Ridgeway Elementary - NJ
Mr. Dunning, we thouroughly enjoyed your show today. The following are comments from my third grade class. Thank you for letting us be a part of your very special project. Miss Pilcher Thanks for the great show! - Jackie Yo- you rock! - Brianna Your show is magnificent! - Catisha I hope we can see your show again! - Adriana Woooooooooooah! - John YOOOOOO - Dustin Yo, yo, yo yo yo yo. Yo. - Vinny I want some french fries from Ireland. - Robert. Yo, your show is awesome! - Steven You had a good show! - Nick Yo, what's up homedog! - Shannon Yo - great show!! - Matt M.

Ginny Newton
Dear Mr. Dunning, What an absolute amazing show. Here at Ridgeway Elementary School in NJ we just had the pleasure of listening to you and seeing your magical creations. Thanks for giving me the privilege of signing one of your sqaures. It makes me feel very special. Sincerely, Ginny Newton and my 4th grade class

Mrs. Scharibone
Dear Patrick Dunning, Thanks for the show. You do great work. We love your art and music.. Thanks for the music. I hope your project gets completed some day. Are you a magician? Thanks for letting us be part of your project. These were the comments made by my third grade students at Ridgeway Elementary School. A greatful teacher, Linda Scharibone

Mrs. fusaro'sKindergarten class-Ridgewayschool
Dear Patrick, We REALLY LIKED your show. Our favorite part was when the heart came out of your chest. We also liked Bailey the cat.

I love the CD you made it sounds nice I told my family to listen to it and they loved it they thought it was nice to I want to listen to it everyday but I can not or I will wast the batteres like I am right now.THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

naa otu
hi, Patric Dunning this is naa from the midland school. I really enjoyed the show. I sm in the 5th grade. I hope you become famous and hope to see you soon again.

stu finn

Brandon Murdock 2nd grade
Dear Patrick Dunning, I love your art work I bet you worked really hard. I saw you at whiting elementary school today.Your a great artist!!!!!! 4/18/06

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