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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hey patrick, i just saw your presentation at goetz middle school in jackson NJ, i am so jealous of your amasing creativity, the fact that you can see so many different things in different lights is mind blowing. i was also wondering where this wonderful piece of art will be on display when it is done or where people can sign, it i would love to be apart of this historical masterpiece see ya later, Chris 5/2/06

Brendan Woods
I am a student of P.S.53 Bay terrace school.I loved,LOVED,LOVED,LOVED,your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was amazing!I plan to go to Ireland some day since I am 100% Irish!!!!I will never forget your show and project!!!You are one talented man....(I loved the music you played)(the bridge was cool to)

I loved your picture it is so cool that you can do that! I loved it! I am Irsh too. I am red haired with green eyes :). well any way i loved it <3 bye !

hey patrick, you came to my school today. & i thought what your doing is pretty cool . i wish i could sign itt buut i guess nott. ohwell :[

Devon Stone
Hey i liked ur presentation at candlewood. I like hjow u strive for your going to strive for this goal and conplete it.

Hi Patrick =D I really like ur art work it's absolutley amazing how u can do that, especially how u could think of that, i love to draw but i dont think i could ever have that much patience to do what you are. I think you are really amazing, and i loved the other idea when you made the eye on the bridge,... Your work is truly amazing, ~ Brittany of 8th grade Geotz middle school

Jazzie Mahroo
Dear Patrick, Yesterday you came to Candlewood Middle School and performed a really great assembly. You said we were the toughest audience you ever had but I think you'll be glad to hear that I had nothing to do with all the noise. I enjoyed your performance and was very intrested in everything you've done. So many messages inside messages! It was very intresting! I especially loved the machine that made music when you didn't even have to touch it. That was pretty awesome. I also loved the picture of your father and when you and your brother played music together. And of course I also loved the whole Signature Project itself. I wish I could have signed it...but I couldn't. It would have been great to contribute to something so magnificent. If you want, I'd really be glad if you would email me sometime! I'd be glad to hear from you!! Thank you for coming to our school! Love, Jazzie~

hi u were at my skool today cool cool

Kristen Cladek
Patrick!!!!!! I saw you at my school today (Goetz M.S. in Jackson, NJ) your artwork is amazing. I hope you finish your Signature Project soon so the whole world can see. I Loved the picture you did of your dad, and with the eye over the river from the bridge, they were both amazing. I loved the music that was played through out the show, and the duet you did with your brother Brian was amazing. The whole assembly was very inspiring, Thank you!

Hey i saw yur show at Goetz middle school i thought it was fantastic!!!! I was just wondering when yur dun with the whole painting its self where will it go?? i know it will be on dvd but where will the art its self be displayed or kept?? I reely wanted to sine my name but only teachers got to!!! I realized how awesum it would be for my name to be on such fantastic piece fantastic piece of art work which will lastt hundreds of years. O yeah i was wonderin in the performance did yu reely call yur brother or was it a pre recorded message for the show?? (a message probably every student is wondering) Email me bak at: Write bak soon :P

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