The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Veronica Chneider
Tell your brother that I love his music. I always wanted to visit Ireland. Sincerly, Veronica

Max Yeh
Dear Patrick, Thank you for coming to our school. I love your brother playing the flute, and your cat smiling. It was really funny. Max Yeh, Village School

Daer Patrick I enjoyed the show today.It was cool when you took a piece of your heart.Everybody was amazed when you told us over 7,081 people wrote there names it was awesome when you got your brother on the phone to play.It was cool when you put the curtain of the irish bridge when the and dawn was a eye

Juliana Loren Turso
I liked the pictures wih all of the names.I also liked the Dear Patrick: I liked the Blues music and I also liked the music played when you visited my school today. The pictures with all the names are very cool! I liked when you pulled the light heart out of the real heart. My friend Samantha's dad is from Ireland. I could tell that you were from Ireland too. I had a great time. I hope to see you again. Love, Juliana Turso

hi i am that boy that you talked to at villiage elementry school in the afternoon. you gave me a card of your project. it was great. i was with another boy and you gave him one too bye

I am in the 2nd grade and I really enjoyed your show today at Village School in Holmdel, NJ. I liked when you and your brother played music for us. I can't wait for you to finish your project because I think it's really cool. I'm still wondering how you did the trick where you took a piece out of the heart and after you threw it at a board it turned into your dad's face. And I liked how you made your dad's face out of Morse code. Luck o' the Irish on your project!

Aaron Barlev
Hi Mr. Dunning, I thought your assembly at the Village School in Holmdel, NJ was great!!! I love that your pictures have so many secrets hidden inside them. All the best, Aaron Barlev

Dear Patrick, I enjoyed the show! The show was awsome! I want to thank you very very much for talking to Village school! I hope you can do the assembely for more years because I think everybody including me loved the show! That was one of the best shows in Village school I've ever seen in Village school!

Viraj Kothari
i love your art! It was awesome! PS.It was very romantic!

U came to my school and I thaught u did a nice job

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