The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Gaurav Sharma
Hi my name is Gaurav Sharma I am a student from Village Elementery School.I loved your show.I would love to have you wright my name on the signature project.Once again my name is Gaurav Sharma.

I love your painting

Ben Brudner
Yo, whats up. Can I have one of your newsletters?

harry dangler
Patrick, You're truly an inspiration. Your art and being mesh to embrace the human spirit!

seth honsell
i was at woodstown middle school when you came. i just wanted to say what you are doing is really cool. maby i will see you agine.

Kevin K.
I saw your show on 4/20 at Manchester Township Elementary School. It was great. Anyway, good luck on finishing The Signature Project ~Kevin~

Lavada Norko
I asked you if you ever heard of my name before and you responded, "no". Now, as you travel about the world, I wonder how many unusual names you have in all of your pictures. This should be interesting. Lavada

Hoffman Homes, Inc.
We would like to thank you for your amazing presentation. You have inspired many of us to learn more about art, music, visual arts, etc. Thank you so much!!!!

camielle moncion
hi, i really like the assembly that you showed us, can you come back here so i can sign the picture that your making just kidding. and oh yeah i like the signature project and the whiole thing that you painted you are a really good painter ok i wish you can come back next time ok bye!!!! camielle moncion

Josh Eachus
Hey Patrick you came to my school. woodstown high school and i really think your presentation was was cool to sign the project and you took me and some of my friends back stage and showed us the amazing stratocaster you have<3 i love that fender well thank you for coming to my school. peace

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