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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jessica Myler
Thank you SO much for visiting our school in Ririe High School!! I enjoyed the presentation very much. I've always sort of pushed art aside, but you gave me a whole new respect for it. People world wide sit and complain about the world around them while you have captured life and are now sharing with everyone. You have a great message that a lot of people need to hear and think about. The endless emotions and surprises kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Patrick, you a truley a great artist and human being. I hope that your works receive the recognition they so greatly deserve. I can't wait until the cd rom is available so hurry! :) Thank you again!

Your Show was great. It was creative and inspiring. I watched you at Laurelhurst Elementary.Yooooooooooo

Jordan Rhoads
hello Patrick, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your project. It is amazing what you can do whae you follow your dreams. I was at your hopkintin school assembly today the day of october 21 2004. It was the best assembly i ever had and deffinitly worth missing related arts which is the fun part of the day. I hope your project turns out as best as it deserves to be. From, Jordan Rhoads

Laura Brown
Hi, Iam a student from Holy Trinity. I enjoied your presentation. That was the best presentation our school has had. Thank you for coming. peace, Laura

Molly Holt
Hi i was one of the kids at Wellington Elementary (4th grade) and I really liked your show. My Dad got to sign the project! He said he was honored to be able to do so. Thank you so much, hope to see you again next year! Molly

Sydney Crownover
Hey Patrick- You had a great performance! I am a girl from West Central School in Indiana! i enjoyed listening to you! just one question for ya! Was that really your brother on the phone? or did u record that and then play it??? anyways do you have any Famous signatures from famous people??please write back!! Sydney Crownover

sean young
hey. loved the presentation alot. im from hopkinton high school and i was one of the lucky students who got to sign one of the boards and be apart of history in the making. You are a very smart intelligent guy and a funny one too. The kindness that you show to people around the world, from the 911 tragety, and to your family and friends is very much seen. Nowing that there are actually people out there that think about the world and poeple like that makes me even happier to be on the world. Thank you very much and hope to see the picture even sooner than expected. P.S. Red Sox did kick there butt

Nancy Gerety
My students loved it and so did I! Thank you for including students and faculty from Hopkinton High School in your project.

Brittany Marvin from Leonard Lawrence
i am also an artist and musisian, (sorry if i spelled that wrong!) i LOVE your art and music, it really inspires me. i'm also irish, as well as German, Duch, Cherokee Indian, Brittish, American, Irish, Swedish, Scottish and more but i'm mostly American Irish, German, Cherokee,and Brittish. what inspired you to do this art? i really love the music and picture of your father, and all the hidden pictures.

How the heck did you come up with this wonderful piece of art im from wyandotte schools and you visited the miami civic center. i also come from Irealand and my family owns a castle there. their last name is O'dell same as my last name.well i think that the signature prohect was awsome!!! i can't really express my feelings about it because im typing well yours truly PATRICIA ODELL.

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