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Garrett Wilson
Amazing! I was one of the kids sitting in the back. I'm not sure if u saw me or You and your brothers music are amazing and so are the pictures you create. Very very well done. Bravo.

its oct 21 and your show blew me away!!! i signed your earth part of your picture!!!

Carol M.
Hi Patrick! You were at our school, St. Stephens, in Omaha, today. Your project was AWESOME! I think that is sooooo cool! I loved that eye thing on the bridge too. Thanks so much for coming! Carol M. (student)

Ellie johnson
Hi patrick i loved your assembly i go to Laurelhurts thank you Ellie Johnson write back please!!! I made the soda bread!I love your music it was sssssssoooooooo pretty!!!!!

i'm from Laurelhurst elementary school and loved your performance... thanks for the postcard :)

Kylie Mcallester Caswell
Patrick,I love your artwork! It's amazing and beautiful.It inspires me to try better in art.By the way,I want to grow up to be like you!!!

Leslie Maldonado
You're right - Creedance Clearwater Revival does sing "Stuck in Lodi". If you're ever "lucky" enough to get stuck in Lodi again, I hope you get a chance to get in touch. The staff and students are still raving about your performance. Thanks so much.

Steven Julien
I go to GRIFFTHS MIDDLE SCHOOL (3-6-03) I was at the assembly,I thought it was amazing!! I wish I could've signed the board because I thought the idea was very imaginitive,and I would've liked to be a part of it. Please contact me at my e-mail and tell me more about the project!!!!!! P.S.I AM ALSO IRISH, STEVEN JULIEN

Zrage7--Rage Kuraine
this thing is the bomb.....i loved the presentation at my school and i would love to do something like this

Patrick, I cannot find the words to describe how much I enjoyed your performance! I'm going to have to spend more time contemplating how best to describe the emotions your presentation brought to me. I wanted to thank you for the poster now....I will give a more descriptive opinion later! However, I can simply say, I loved it!"

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