The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i loved your show it was great! you are a amazing person and i love you work and your music!i enjoyed listing to you speek. i am a little irish to i want to travel to ireland some time, it seams like a nice place. thanks for comming to Buckingham you are wonderful!i luved you view on life and i only hope for the best for you and your signature project. Thank you

Brandon Anderson
Yoooo there Patrick, That show was fantastic!!! I really liked your brother's music. That was really neat how you did the ultra violet light and there was that tune that turned into the music notes. See you later alligator, Brandon Kindergarten

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! That is ALL I can say!!! That was the most interesting presintation I have EVER seen!!! I saw your show on November 22, 2002.

wUz UpPeR pAtRiCk! As YoU kNoW YoU wEnT To ElLiS sCoO, mY nAmE Is TiA. By Da WaY i LoVeD Ya WrK! CuM bAcK sOoN!

Evan Deininger
I thoght your picture was amazing!!! It suprised me how many secrets could be in one panting! I realy was glad you came all the way from Oregon to show us about are imagintion, life, and many other things!! I hope more get to expirience this workof art. thank you. Evan, Seattle Hill Elemantary, 2-3-03.

Daelynn Green
There are no words that can fully describe The Signature Project. The project is an outstanding tribute to life and Patrick's presentation is an exuberant,emotional work of art that shows his love for life.

Ben Breshears
Dear Mr. Dunning, my name is Ben and I am in Kindergarten at Laurelhurst Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. I loved the assembly where you showed your work. I especially like that machine that sounded like you were speeding and the police caught you. Thanks a lot. Ben

Mrs. O'Halloran/Mrs. Kupp class
We liked the show today. It was very fun! Some of us hope to grow up to be an artist like you. We loved your paintings. We hope your project turns out to be beautiful. Your show is the best. We're sorry that your father did not get to see his grandchild. It was an artistic show. We hope to see your project when it is done. Love, The Kids from Room 12 Terrace Heights Elementary Yakima WA

Brad Stokhamer
YOu are a real inspiration to me, all the will power and your strength in the heart. I am from Brielle Elementary School and when i saw your show i was amazed, and i think you are a really good role model. I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me back so we can talk and keep in contact so i can see if there is anything i can do to help you and see how your project is coming. PLease e-mail me back. Brad--Brielle Elem. School

Sandra eschen
My second graders at Bennett loved your program! They were very taken with you eye in the river! Thanks for lettingme sign. My kids were thrilled with that.

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