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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Alesa Wilson
Well I would just like to tell you that you did an awesome show for my school (Teton High School) I thought it was really amazing. and when i got home, i was trying to draw my mom a picture of the pictures! but I will just have to show her this page! It was really amazing! and I thought it was cool how my brother Parley got to sign it! Keep up the awesome work!! Alesa Wilson 9-19-02 p.s. I love your accent!

Hi Patrick, I just saw your show in American Falls, Idaho. It was great! Back to Ireland I guess! Thanks for a great show, Ethan

i thought your presentation was awsome at rutgers prep. i also saw it last year when u came. it was really nice

Lucas Wise
Hey i am a student at Hopkinton Middle schoool that you viseted yesterday and i thought that your show was awesome come back soon! :)

Sharon Mitchell
Dear Patrick, We like your work. We LOVED your show. Do you like to perform your shows for the kids? How do you make the light for the heart? Are you a magician? How did you put the heart in your chest? How many shows do you do? You are a great guitar player. We loved the motorcycle. Your cat is cute. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love, Room 19 Granger School, Feeding Hills

Daleen Danko
Your show was absolutely incredible. The ideas, feelings, and time you have invested are amazing, truly amazing.

Dear Patrick, Today (October 6th) you came to our school, Holy Trinity in Kansas City. I am an 8th grader. I thought your presentation was really, really cool. But why exactly are you doing this? And how did this idea just pop into your head? I think it is really creative. It reminded me of those big pictures made up of little itty bitty ones. And ya know if you need an extra signature I'm always open. lol no just kidding. Well have fun and I hope you succeed. ~Elsa~

James Higgins
Your father would have been very proud.

Hey Patrick! My name is Tia and you cane to my school about 2 weeks ago,Hopkinton Middle School. I loved your presentation and I love your artwork. I have a strong belife that you will finish by your "deadline". What you are doing is great and I think that it is great that you have different people of different nationalities sign you project. Putting hidden things in it is a wonderfull idea. I can not wait until you finish you picture and i can see the finished version. Sincerely, Tia

David Lee,from Hilldale School,a student,3rd grade
I really enjoy your project and your music. Wow,I can't believe you are making a project with names, its incredible. I can't wait till I get my name signed on the project. I really loved your show. I just totally loved it. I also liked it when you put the ultra violet light over the picture and we saw your body. It was very interesting that you made the eye and put it over the bridge and made a really big eye. Thank you for coming to our school. I wish you good luck for the project. Bye

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