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Kevin Shih
Hi I am Kevin Shih. I want to tell you that the pictures and music you showed us at HIlldale School was very interesting. I think you are a very skilled and talented person, I hope to be as skilled as you are in archetecture. You inspired me and I thank you for that.

Julianna Carbone
You visited my school, Hopkinton Middle School and I just wanted to say thank you for coming! Your presentation was incredible and one that I will not forget. Good Luck with your project, I know it will turn out great!

Hello. I just saw you today, at Hopkinton Middle School. Great, funny, incredible performance, and I hope to see that mural in 2012!! Your brother's phone number is now in my possesion, however.

thankyou for coming to our school.[White Brooke Middle School} i had soooooo much fun with you.

John Doyle
Hello Patrick, I heard you on Thursday October 7, 2004 at Holy Spirit Catholic School in Overland Park, Kansas. I found it very interesting, but my mom doesn't understand it so if you could email me some more info and if you can also send me some more of your brother's music. I absolutely love your show and your brother's music. I was also wondering if I can email you my signature and have you put it on the picture. Thanks again for coming to my school! John Doyle

Debra Vigna
WOW! The assembly at Laurelhurst school was the best one I have ever seen! It was unbelieveable, outstanding and very inspirational! I am currently taking drawing classes and Patrick's show blew me away...I want to go home right now and draw but unfortuanately my principal won't let me leave until school gets out! THANK YOU!!!!

Connor Jalbert
You came to my school at St. Joseph's in Seattle. I really liked the program that you gave. It was really neat. Thank you very much! Connor

Mattin Moghaddam
I loved the show at pioneer.I think it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I was most interested in the noisemaking machine thing. I liked the sound of the motorcycle clutch. thanks for the greatest show ever. Hope to see you again Mattin Moghaddam Pioneer Junior High Upland California USA

that was phat dawg wher u learn to do that *$#% man

Jordan from Sawyer Woods
hi my school loved your pesentation, I hope you get it finished so the world can see your beautifut masterpeice!

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