The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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holly mcgill
can u sign my name on the signiture project . i wanted to go but my mom had dinner on the table .im from brielle

Andrew Petrosinelli
Hey Patrick, I really liked the show you put on in the Hopkinton Middle School in massachusets. I sure hope you could come again. I was wondering, since i wasn't picked to sign "The Signature Project", is there any way i still could? I was so impressed at the way you made you made all the diffrent songs and increddible creations! I wish i could do that. Andrew Petrosinelli Hpkinton, MA 11-08-2004

I really liked the songs u played and the stuff u showed us taz thats me bye

Adam Noel
I am a 10th grader at West Central High School. You did a show at our school on Thursday November 4. I wanted to tell you that it was an excellent show.

courtney sickman
I think what you do is really cool, and thanks for coming to our school. West Central Student!

Colleen M.
I love your project i think that it is so cool. A little while ago you came to my school and performed for us that was also really cool!! :)

Bianca Martin
Thank you for coming to West Central Elementary School today. I enjoyed your show. Bianca

I thought your show is realy was cool!! Thank you for comming to the granger elementry school! I think your signature projuce thingy came out realy butieful... well at least it is so far anyway's. thank you again!

Hi Patrick, I remeber when you came to Hilldale School! You showed us a part of the project that you did, all the teachers signed it, i wish that you said all 5th graders, please stand up and come sign the box, ina little box. It was so cool. Your cat is so cute, it's kind looks like my kitten, but it looks different. I loved the presitation that you gave to Hilldale. It was so interesting. That was cool when we talked to your brother in IRELAND! that was cool. I wonder if you will doa presintaion to my next school, next year. I loved that Signature Project!!

Hi Patrick, i think your project is great. it is a really good idea.

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