The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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miranda jasienowski
helle dear patrick, Being an artist my self,well i maybe one in the future.I thought that your creation or masterpiece was so interesting. How u made such a masterpiece in so many ways, and different types of paints and ideas was just great. And for once we had an assembly that wasnt boring and worth leaving. Thanks very much for coming to our school and sharing your talents and ideas.

Jordan gamble
Hi, I am from Leonard Lawrence. I came to your assembly. It was very interesting. How many years does it take you to do one project. Great job! I enjoyed it. Leonard Lawrence 5th grade. Thank you for coming.

Katee Chance @ Lenord Lawarence
I really liked your presentation. I cried when you told us about the people from 9/11 I cried. I really like the music you played for us that your brother made. The coolest part was all the pictures you hid in the signature project. Thanks soooooo much.

teri denise harris
Hi Mr. Dunning, I am a student from Leonard Lawrence Elementary School of Bellevue,NE. Everyone loved the assembly at the school. I hope we get to see you when the signature project. Please come back when or before the project is done. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK! Love, Teri Denise Harris

you guys did a good job it was really cool. My prents wished that they could go.I like it when you did the run away from the cop that was the coolest thing I have ever saw. you guys did the coolest things with the eye and the picture of your dad. I came to the 1:00 show.I'm sorry that your dad died. I would be sad if my dad died.I liked the signature piture that must be alot of names I afto go for to night oh and tell your brother I said hi bye

Derryk Stiner(from Leonard Lawrence)
I liked your songs is their any way you can make the samples longer? How are you doing? I'm doing great and alot of my friends admire your songs!

Kelly Chase
What you are doing is really cool. I like how you put those secret things, like your father and your brother's music piece. It was really pretty. You were at my school, St. Stephen the Martyr, today. 10-11-04

Mackenzie Schulte
Thank you!!!!!!! I'm a student from Cure'of Ars and thtank you again for the presentation. Question can my name be on the signature project? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can thtank you. And have a nice time in Ierland. I live in Kansas so if you get a chance please come through Kansas, its cool and a very beautiful state.

Hello! I'm an 8th grader at Cure' of Ars school in Kansas City. I think your masterpeice is amazing! I don't think I would ever have the patience to finish something like that.(especially if it took 24 years to make!) It is really cool with all the hidden artwork inside the peice itself, like your dad, the music, and that crazy "no hands" instrument! Thank you for taking the time to show us, the students of Cure', the world through a different point of veiw. -Haley PS- Were we really "Live" from Ireland?

hey wuts up i love the beatles !!!!!!!! ur art waz awsome i liked the fact you dare to be diffrent i exspress my induvualty by how i dress rock on!!!!!!! Some times people look at me weird because i dress with spike studs and some times balck but i think its better to stand out than to be just another facee in the crowdd be a blue face in the crowd thanks for letting me have the chance to voice my opion.

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