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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Liza Rizzo
Patrick, I am a student of Valley School of Ligioner. I really enjoyed you show, it was incerdable! I would love it if you could sighn my name on your project! I would feel so dedicated! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and I feel like you've brought it to me! I hope to see your show again in the future! I loved it! Liza Rizzo

Olivia Cochran
dear Mr.Dunning I loved your performance at the Ellis School.I love how you put little things in the picure Olivia Cochran

Tracey Baran
Hello! I am from The Ellis School! I loved your presentation! It was amazing! I thought it was a coincidence that you are from Ireland, and my aunt is currently living in Ireland, and soon to be married! I found your work very inspiring and wonderful!

Dima Kharma
You are gifted and talented when I saw you up there you were amazing I was so surprised how you did those stuff up there. I think you were gifted from God because you were awsome! I wish I was you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey THANKS FOR COMING TO VALLEY SCHOOL OF LIGONIER I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Fabian Rodriguez
I really liked your picture,morse code, & music from Brian Dunning. Thank you for letting me sign your heart in Griffiths Middle School. I cant wait until you finish your signature project and sell cds of Brian Dunning's music. Both you and brother play wonderful music. I wish the whole world can see your gift. In your other picture of the heart please look for the name Fabian R. I wish that you finish project so everyone can see it a nd we hope you become famous.

Hi, I'm at Pioneer JH that you just visited today(3/4/03) and I thought your presentation was awesome. You and your brother ahould cut a CD. I would totally buy it in an instant! I love Irish songs! Thanks for the great presentation!!:)

Victoria D.
I really enjoyed the sounds you made with that weird instrument. I also liked the music that I heard. You are a great guitar player. I got to sign a panel, that is part of the project. I can't wait to see the project when it is done! Thank you for coming to my school! Sicerely, Victoria D. School: Seattle Hill Elementary, WA.

Zach Coughlin
I've never seen anything like your Signature Project before! It's amazing! I'm so sorry your father died. But you are probably the greatist artist in the world I live in! Oh 1 more thing your brother Brian writes really great music. Well good luck with your Signature Project.

Karen Barajas
Saw you today in Post Falls, Idaho and thought your presentation (and the idea) of The Signature Project is absolutely phenominal! I enjoyed it so much, as did the kids. You have such a beautiful spirit and I was so touched by what you are doing. Good Luck! Thank you Patrick.

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