The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Joan Wootton
To all who are looking to provide an incredible experience for their school, look no further. Students and adults alike were enthralled with Mr. Dunning's presentation of The Signature Project. It is art with so many layers (literally) that will astound you. Mr. Dunning is a great storyteller and he weaves music and a humanities message together seamlessly. Teachers raved! At the end, the adults all were happy to be included in The Signature Project.

Renee Skalsky
FABULOUS !!! FABULOUS !! FABULOUS !!! Thank You for coming to Bar Nunn School in Bar Nunn Wyoming !!!

Jeff Stiefbold
I just witnessed the most unbelieveable, incredible, amazing assembly program in my 27 years of teaching. My students can't stop talking about it. Patrick Dunning is a genius! I'm so proud to say I was able to add my name to the signature project.

Doug Winning
Mr. Dunning, as a student of CHS I would just like to say that your presentation has inspired me to set a life goal to make an amazing project in the same caliber as yours. I was touched in a way that no other form of art has. Your combination of multimedia, science, and creativity is flawless and cohesive and unbelievable. Thank you for presenting at our school and giving me the honor of signing your work.

Carol Clifford
Dear Mr. Dunning, Your performance at H.B.W. Middle School was by far the best assembly I have witnessed in over 25 years of teaching. The emotions of my students as well as my own rollercoastered from delight and awe to sadness and tears. Your art made us all feel deep emotions. Your art made us all realize that beauty comes from within. Thank you for allowing me the honor of signing the Signature Project. Carol Clifford

Tammy Russell
The Salmon River Middle School experienced Patrick Dunnings performance on Thursday, September 26th. It is by far one of the best performances I have ever watched. The staff and students were so involved with the performance that you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. It was a very inspiring show. We will have him back again. I will recommend that our High School students see the performance next time.

Chris Grant
Patrick Dunning's show this morning at our school in Northern New York was one of the most ingenious, inspiring, and moving experiences of my life!! Believe me, I've had many!! Every school should book a performance!!

james abare
Just seen this show at the Salmon River School and it is such an awesome show to see. Great experience. A must see.

nicole coxson
Fantastic show this morning. I felt such a connection to everything you were doing, from the individuals signatures to the music and the photographs. This life is an enormous quilt filled with different pieces of experiences, memories, ideas. Your project really embodies that. Thank you!!

Johnny Bush
Hi Mr. Dunning! I was in the crowd at OAS the other day, an 8th grader. I loved your presentation, thought you did a great job. What I really loved was what you said about finding your passion, because it's the same thing my father preaches to me all the time. I recently found my passion in the sport of golf, I took it up last year and love it. My family is full of golfers, so it's in my blood, and I've devoted so much time to it. Got pretty good as im now about a scratch golfer. I found what I loved to do, and despite what people may say about me doing it(golf isn't the most popular sport around) I am so much happier. Played so many sports all my life, mostly normal ones that people didn't make fun of, but I take my own path, and having a dad preach to me about finding my passion has helped me do that. I'm sure you will have great success with your project as you seem to really enjoy it. Good luck!!

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