The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Michael Skrypnyk
This is the best piece of art I have seen in my life . It touched me to the center of my heart . I can't wait to see the day the whole thing is completed .

Joan Negash
I was profoundly moved to a place beyond words by this project, the presentation of it, and this man and his dedication and passion. I feel a sweeping sense of humanity and my small but significant place in it via Patrick's actualized vision. God bless Irish storytellers. He has certainly found and embraced his calling in this lifetime. With gratitude, Joan Negash ~Wolftrap Elementary School 10/15/14.

Terry Matthiesen
I just sat through the most amazing assembly at our McHenry Middle School, in Mchenry, IL. Our middle school students as well as staff were blown away by the talent of Patrick Dunning. I have seen many assemblies in my career and this by far was the most powerful and entertaining. I wish and hope every school in the United States would take the time to book this man and let their staff and student be amazed by this talent. He has more talent then any person I have had the pleasure to meet or see. The Signature Project is truly a work of art and for us as staff at our school to sign this and be a part of history. Thank You Patrick Dunning for coming to our school. I am blessed to have been enriched by your talent, love of art and vision. Terry Matthiesen

Pat Schumaker (don't call me P-Shuey)
I can still remember when Patrick Dunning came to my school in 2006. I was only in fifth grade, but Patrick's message has stuck with me ever since. The signature project's unique celebration of life through art is unparalleled. I can't wait till it's finished, and the world gets the chance to see this completed masterpiece.

Neal Willner
Patrick Dunning came to the Verrazano school in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and aesthetized the postmodern idiom through a performance that emphasized the layered multiplicity of life in way that all could appreciate. The children understood nature's order through the arts and Patrick showed all present how iterabilty is one of the great signatures of life. I would recommend that this concept be brought to universities as well as primary schools so that all can benefit from the message of wonder that is so theatrically related.

Joan Wootton
To all who are looking to provide an incredible experience for their school, look no further. Students and adults alike were enthralled with Mr. Dunning's presentation of The Signature Project. It is art with so many layers (literally) that will astound you. Mr. Dunning is a great storyteller and he weaves music and a humanities message together seamlessly. Teachers raved! At the end, the adults all were happy to be included in The Signature Project.

Renee Skalsky
FABULOUS !!! FABULOUS !! FABULOUS !!! Thank You for coming to Bar Nunn School in Bar Nunn Wyoming !!!

Jeff Stiefbold
I just witnessed the most unbelieveable, incredible, amazing assembly program in my 27 years of teaching. My students can't stop talking about it. Patrick Dunning is a genius! I'm so proud to say I was able to add my name to the signature project.

Doug Winning
Mr. Dunning, as a student of CHS I would just like to say that your presentation has inspired me to set a life goal to make an amazing project in the same caliber as yours. I was touched in a way that no other form of art has. Your combination of multimedia, science, and creativity is flawless and cohesive and unbelievable. Thank you for presenting at our school and giving me the honor of signing your work.

Carol Clifford
Dear Mr. Dunning, Your performance at H.B.W. Middle School was by far the best assembly I have witnessed in over 25 years of teaching. The emotions of my students as well as my own rollercoastered from delight and awe to sadness and tears. Your art made us all feel deep emotions. Your art made us all realize that beauty comes from within. Thank you for allowing me the honor of signing the Signature Project. Carol Clifford

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