The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Richard Winfield
Hi Patrick, This is the time of year I first heard your brother Brian's music. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Elizabeth Alexandra Smith
dear Patrick, I really like the signature project.You are a graet artist because I love this pice of art.I bet you worked very hard.

Elizabeth Bailey
HI, you visited me, well the school which is sawyer woods. i thought that it was beautiful that you put a part of you father into your project so you can keep him forever even though he passed away. i love your brothers music. its pretty. anyway i was very touched because it makes people think they can do something like that and they can. I'm a 1/4 Irish, but a lot of people are. well i loved your project.

Hi Patrick.I'm a big fan. Your art was so heartwarming.Your right the selibration of life is good. I like your cat. Maybe you should do art about him too.My family loves your art.Bye

Alexis Burris
Hi,Patric I liked your presentation at the American Falls High School. I am from the intermediate school and I think that the signature project is awesome!

Patrick you are so cool. I want to be a artest too.You made it sound fun, but I've wanted to be one for a long time.

Mitchel Shanks
I loved what you did here at my school called Spring Creek Elementry. I really engoyed it. That sure will take a lot of signitures wont it. I really hope you will come back here when the signiture project it finished.

Jaime Schwarz
hi patrick or yo packtrick you came to my school today hilldale school!i think that was the best assembly i have ever seen!i loved your presentation.I wish i could have signed it!wen it is done i want to see looked so cool on how you did that irish vision thing it looked totally cool!i am making irish soda bread as we speak actuall y my mom is.I cant believe that the signature project is going to be THAT BIG !i am in the 5th grade so next year i will be in middle school. so i hope that you can visit the middle school in montvill new jersey next year that way mabe we can see the project and see how many more people signed it then when the last time you visited!hope to see you soon.good luck with the project!

Brandon mckelvey
i riley liked your presentation. your friend from GMS

Bethany Sojka
Hey P.D., I like your show alot. I was so cool! I also liked signing your art. Heck, I liked being apart of it.

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